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Hello everyone. Two days ago my dad had a catheter placed on his right lung. Has anyone experienced this b/c it was pretty overwhelming when the nurse came by today to show me how to drain the fluid. It also was surprising to me & my dad that we would have to drain it 3 times a week. I don't know if this a good sign or it is delaying the inevitable. Please I need some advice & support right now b/c i'm panicking about the situtation.

Thank you & God Bless!

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Please don't panic about it, the fluid does build up in some of us and it is a comfort measure to get rid of it, dad will breathe easier, it is not the end of anything, just a new beginning for some new things for you both to learn. He will feel so much better getting it out, mine is always in my lungs and I kind of want to have something put in so I too could breathe easier. Once you get used to draining it, it is as easy as squeezing a tube of toothpaste out, really it is so simple, just scary at first, Many people I know do this and then sometimes they can stop after chemo treatments or even radiation work and they don't get all of the fluid anymore, so it depends on if it stays in or it comes out again. don't panic, this is the worst feeling in the world, you can do it, and it will be easy after a few tries at it. some of the drains are like a valve that just opens and the fluid just runs out, simple...
god bless, and Good luck.

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I was having the pleural fluid drained every four days at the hospital and asked to have that permanent tube put in so I could drain it at home. A much better deal! Draining the fluid is SOOOO much better than letting it build. Just hope that whatever treatment your Dad is getting takes care of the fluid build up. That is the ultimate answer.

Make sure he has lots of protein (egg whites, etc). The fluid your Dad is losing contains vital body protein. The oncologist should be watching the albumin level (should be above 3.8).

Best wishes,

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My husband had the catheter in for two months. I was so frightened at first, but it is very easy to do - there is a video online that demonstrates - just google pleurax catheter - and it will give you an idea. The nurse in the hospital demonstrated and I took my notes so and we were able to do it "off the cuff" after two times. Just make sure you keep everything sterile. My husband did not drain too much fluid so we did it weekly for a good part of the two months.
Wishing you the best.

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