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There are published studies suggesting compounds in Cannabis can inhibit metastasis of breast cancer. Here's a link to one:

The study was conducted by "The California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute." They found that cannabis inhibited breast cancer from spreading through the body by suppressing gene ID-1 from over expressing. When gene ID-1 over expresses, it signals breast cancer cells to metastasize. This is one of the first "peer reviewed" published studies demonstrating cannabinoids can target the expression of an important breast cancer metastasis gene and gives preliminary insight into the question of whether THC and CBD (two compounds found in Cannabis) could be used clinically to treat metastatic breast cancer. Gene Id-1 is just one of many genes involved in breast cancer metastasis" and future research needs to examine the impact of THC and CBD on these other metastasis genes. All the experiments in the paper were conducted in cultured cells and none of them in any animal model of breast cancer, which would be the next research step; unfortunately, such research is blocked in the USA and other countries due to political/social control reasons.

What led The California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute to conduct their study was a 30 year study on Cannabis smokers that found they had lung cancer rates slightly below the national average for NON-SMOKERS (please read that again) even with some consuming as much as 22,000 joints over the 30 years and some also smoking tobacco with cannabis. Cannabis has 50% more tar than tobacco. Clearly, something in Cannabis was protecting the smokers. Source: <a href= 1729.html The smokers did have respitory issues and therefore smoking is not recommended. Also, many of the CBD's and some THC's are destroyed during combustion. Consumption by ingesting oil and Vaporizer is worth researching, because:

Multiple studies indicate that the THC in Cannabis inhibits cancer cells in the brain, breast and lungs from spreading and can be directly tumorcidal on cancer cells, but there are no "peer reviewed" published studies claiming Cannabis can cure cancer. and I don’t know of any clinical trials underway to determine if Cannabis can help cure or protect against breast cancer metastases.

Cannabis is non-toxic and toxins are only created during combustion, so hemp/Cannabis oil is toxin free. With the added benefit of relaxing the body and helping someone wasting on cancer or undergoing chemo to want to eat—I’d consume cannabis oil and vaporize cannabis bud as an adjunct to proven medical treatments, but I stress that you should focus on proven medical treatments as your primary treatment plan. I'd consume hemp oil until I found evidence it iterfered with my primary treatment or I was cancer free. I’ve been using cannabis everyday for over 30 years along with a nutrient rich diet, while avoiding alcohol. So far, I’ve haven’t experienced any detrimental effects. I vaporize daily and use oil about once every two weeks. Alcohol is very toxic to the body and is responsible for millions of deaths per year globally. There isn't one reported case of death attributed to the consumption of Cannabis to be found anywhere in recorded history. Overdosing on cannabis is practically impossible. When the facts of Cannabis vs. Alcohol are known to the general public their respective prohibition laws could reverse. The greatest danger from Cannabis is a bale of it falling on your head. But beware, Cannabis can cause paranoia in higher dosages and the uninitiated should seek training and guidence. When consumed intelligently, the effects of cannabis can be a healthy enjoyable experience.

The American Institute for Cancer Research, Food, Nutrition and the Prevention of Cancer: a Global Perspective, claim there is convincing evidence that all types of alcohol — wine, beer or liquor — add equally to the risk of developing cancer of the mouth, pharynx, larynx, esophagus, liver, colon, rectal and breast. And they concluded that one or two alcoholic drinks a day increases the risk of breast cancer by 10 per cent compared to non-drinkers. The risk of breast cancer increased by 25 percent in those drinking three or more alcoholic drinks a day. The Meta-analysis studies of alcohols protective cardiovascular qualities have never been confirmed by a control group study.

Do an online search for "cannabis and cancer" and you'll be reading for months. Beware of snake oil salesmen, true believers and government nay-sayers.

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Thank you for sharing this post. The more I read the brighter the horizon appears that just maybe we can make some progress that could be of benefit. I was taught young that in nature there is medicine for everything the body needs and it is up to us to ask and seek the Creator's heart for wisdom to discover these things.

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