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I've been reading some articles on cannabis oil, or just THC for that matter, offering a possible cure for cancer. I know it's not widely accepted in the medical field, then again our government isn't really open minded to cannabis as it is. Can anyone share any input or experiences they've had regarding marijuana and cancer?

Here's one of the articles I read

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No experiences to share but my hubby has read several articles on it. I know when my sis gets feeling too bad we will make some candies or brownies. Also seemed to help her cough in the past (doesn't have one now.) It also helps calming one down and I think my sis likes doing that better than Xanax.

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My mom has been on the oil for 6 weeks now. We have done lots of research on it as well. There is some very interesting info.

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Where to get?

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I do not know about it either but a friend of mine was instrumental in inventing a drink with CBD cannabis oil. It was supposed to help with the nausea. It is called Dixie Elixirs now sold by a Colorado bottling company.

Julie Jb

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would you mind sharing some info that you have?

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When we found out my mom had nsclc on August 1st, my dad remembered an email he received a while back about cannabis oil and a video called run from the cure on YouTube. So we decides to do some research on it which has shown in animal tests that the components in marijuana induce cell death (apoptosis) of malignant cells.
It will be almost 2 mths now that she was diagnosed and we haven't received any treatment options until she goes for another cat scan tomorrow.

So in the mean time we were willing to try just about anything. So we were able to get some of the oil and she takes as much as she can in a day by ingesting it. Aparently you are suppose to work your body up to a gram a day and she is just about there.
The oil makes her very sleepy within 15 mins of taking it she has a nap ( body needs rest to heal).
We found out she had cancer after having severe chest pains. Since on the oil she hasn't had any pains at all and she has a good appetit. She coughs every morning too, but it has gotten better with the oil as well and she only coughs up clear phlegm.

We hope we get good news this week from her scan please keep her in your prayers!


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I will definitively keep you and your family in my prayers. Would you mind updating me on the status of your mom and how she's responding the cannabis oil?

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Too bad you have to have a license to buy Dixie elixirs ... :(

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Thanks for the sharing.
Hope your mom getting better.

Would mind tell how to get it?

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Anti-cancer effects of cannabinoids were known way back in 1975:

Yet much remains unknown.

A few recent articles regarding cannabis and cancer (especially lung cancer), from pubmed:

Cannabis oil (illegal in many states) certainly appears to hold promise (see e.g.:;
google “dennis hill”;;; and many hundreds more).

Better stay away from smoking cannabis (some studies link such smoking to increased risk of lung cancer)

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So come October 1st, medical marijuana will become legal here in Connecticut. Do you think my dads onc would be against prescribing this? If so, can anyone advise me on how to go about getting some?

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Hi....Cannabis Oil healed my stage 3A non small cell adrenocarcinoma. I was diagnosed on Jan12, 2012 and the surgery was May 18th, 2012. I am NED. Here is what I wrote in my Inspire post.
Keep taking the works....

I want to share my story with all of you. I hope it helps. It healed me.
I thought I was just coming down with the flu, but the chest x-rays revealed much more - pneumonia, and a tumor. On January 12th, 2012, I was diagnosed with stage 3a metastatic poorly differentiated non small cell adenocarcinoma lung cancer with bulky lymph nodes. Survival rate 2-5%.
I have been a cannabis activist for over 40 years, so my course of action was certain, cannabis oil.
* Update: "I am happy to report that the May 10th PET scan showed that there was no sign of cancer. The formal wording is 'virtually complete resolution'."
I was a member of the San Francisco Medical Cannabis Task Force. I am on the Advisory Board for Patients Out of Time and, along with my husband Michael, are recipients of the High Times Lifetime Achievement Award.
Interview conducted at the Seventh National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics, April 27, 2012 - Tucson, AZ.
Patients Out of Time;

This is the interview I did at the Patients Out of Time conference in April.
Love, peace and health,

Subject: Michelle on you tube

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I am eager to know the result of your mom's scan. This would be a good proof for lung cancer. The videos that I watched talk about curing lung cancer with cannabis oil.
Just found out that many states now have licensed dispensaries. On google maps, type
Cannabis oil dispensary, state (e.g. Michigan)
There are plenty of dispensaries to shop around. I called a dispensary in Michigan. They quoted $50 per shringe. A foreign source quoted $400 per shringe. What legalizing natural remedy can do to the price!

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Hi this is great news mcagiraffe! Congrats! I hope my mom has as good of luck as you did!

She had her scan yesterday and we will find out the results on Thursday. The scan was just of her liver because aparently the last one wasn't a good enough shot.

But we are still hoping that there will be no progression.

Overall she feels really good! Her cough is almost not even there, no more chest pains, she isn't wheezing, she has energy and just overall pretty happy!

The only problem we have had so far is a blood clot in her leg that as of yesterday she started on blood thinners.
So hopefully that I under control an not a sign of tumor progression.

Time will tell!

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Couple questions ..
1)Did you guys get your oil from your oncologist?

2) In CT, the medical marijuana that will be legalized will be Palliative Use ...will the oil qualify as Palliative Use?


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North of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Started searching for an oil that claimed to have cannibioids in it. No luck so far. Found an oil that claims to be Cannabis Sativa Seed cold pressings, but has no listing of chemical profile at all. None of the plain Hemp seed oils list anything ingredients-wise except EFAs and fats.

I would really like to add this to my arsenal and am looking for practical suggestions...

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Perhaps you need to drive across into US to get the oil. There are 17 states in the US have licensed dispensaries.
They comes in shringe of black thick oil. I don't think anyone can give you the composition analysis. Read the review of the dispensary on google maps.

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Does one have to live in the same state as the dispensary? Do they accept out of state presciptions?

Thanks so much,

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I am new on hemp stuffs. I called a dispensary in Ann Arbor yesterday. They sell it but they stock small quantity and you have to call to know if they have it for pickup. I don't think you need to be a state resident to buy from the dispensary. Go to google map and type
cannabis dispensary, state name. Call them and find out for yourself.

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