Cancer on the Rib Cage?

My dads ONC has told my mom that from my dads original PET scan that he thinks that my dads lc may also be on his rig cage. Is this a common thing. He has only had the radiation on his lung and also went through 8 rounds of chemo. Has anyone had mets to the ribs and if so what is the outcome. He goes for his 2nd PET scan on July 7th so we will know more but I was just wondering as usual about this horrific disease.

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It's probably not mets to the ribs just spread to the ribs. There's a big difference and spread is much better. It just means the tumor had invaded the ribs. Mets mean the cancer is scattered by way of lymph glands and can pop up anywhere. Local invasion of the ribs is much better (although not great) My husband had local invasion to the ribs. He had three ribs removed although it turned out only one was invaded. The radiation he had before surgery killed all the cancer in both the tumor and the rib. He is now NED (cancer free) but the removal of his rib has caused nerve damage and he's battling chronic pain. That doesn't happen to everyone so don't worry about that. Just make sure your dad gets the most advanced radiation, the newest kind. He can make it though this. My husband did. We'll fix the nerve damage as soon as possible but at least he no longer has cancer. Keep your spirits up, local invasion can be curable.

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Hi texaszan,
Thanks for your advise... My poor dad has been going through hell since January of this year. First he had colon cancer which was removed along with his gall bladder (sp) then a bleeding olcur, diagnosed in Feb. with NSCLC stage IIIb started chemo once a week and 32 daily radiation treatments along with getting pneumonia twice. He has finished his treatments and I just pray his scan on July 7th is good. It makes it really hard because I live in AZ and he is in KY. It just down right sucks not being able to drive over and say hi dad love ya... I am so happy for your husband wow that has to be such a relief I bet he lives his life to the fullest and appreciates the smallest little things now...
Thanks again...

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