Hi everyone.... I was wondering if anyone has been told they have calcium spots on the lung or lungs? I went in for a check up with my lung dr. and he showed me my chest xray and there were tiny white spots on my left lung. He said they were "calcium spots". I had a cancerous tumor removed last year from my right lung and I am really scared that it might be cancer again. He said that everything was ok as did my oncologist. They told me that they see this a lot. I don't know if I believe them... How do they know with just the xray? Am I worrying too much? I don't know what to do.

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Here is some info, but if you're concerned, go get a second opinion. Or ask for a CT scan. Good luck and take care, JC
A calcium deposit or calcification in the lung most of the time is not cancer. It can be from a past fungal infection such as histoplasma infection which is very common in midwest. Sometimes, after radiation or treatment of cancer there can be calcium deposit in the lymphoid tissue. So, calcium deposit in the lung does not mean that it will turn to cancer.

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Thank you for the info, I appreciate that. I am just scared all of the time about everything. I am trying to put this past me, but it is always in the back of my mind. I know as time goes on and if everything continues to be ok, I will be better. I hope all is well with you.

Thank you

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Yes, I did, & in 1984 they did an thoracotomy on me when I was 27. I have never smoked or done illegal drugs. They confined me to the hospital against my will with a police officer outside my door. I had been in a bad car accident sitting at a stop light, hit from the front end. They said I was a health risk and that they could legally confine me, because they thought I had TB. It turned out to be a calcium granuloma. They took out 2% of my right lower lobe of my lung, stuck 64 open staples in the lung for the rest of my life, and I am now 53. About 10 yrs. ago, I was doing an asthma trial and the doctor, saw another calcium spot and I almost ended up in the hospital with the same scare again, and he was kind enough to do fluroscopy on me after I told him what happened. They told me in 1987, that they could not get a bronchsope down my throat. I tried to sue, but was told by lawyers that this was PREVENTIVE MEDICINE! I than developed severe asthma after this and now use 3 different inhalers, however the doctors state there is no direct correlation between the 2.

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Terry, Im sorry to here about what happened to you. Are you doing better? I can't imagine them removing your a portion of your lung and not knowing for sure what it was. I'm really trying not to worry about this, but my oncologist told me not to worry that everything was ok. I guess they can tell what a "cancer" looks like vs a calcium spot. I'm sure they see this everyday.

God Bless you. I hope you get better.


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You might try a search here. Someone just brought that up a week or so back.
They are usually Not Cancer, they are calcium deposits. I know its easier said than done, but I would not worry if your Oncologist said he is not worried.
They found a spot the size of a fist on Marks last CT in the middle of his chest.
The Oncologist said he believes it to be the "Portal" from radiation.
So we just have to pray thats all it is, and really, we haven't been to worried about it as he assured us he see's this all the time.
Now don't get me wrong, It's in the back of my mind....but I am trying to keep it there.....


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