Bone pain and cold sweats

Hey all I've been miserable the past 2 days with cold sweats, shaking and wicked bone pain. I thin it has to do with them switching chemo medicine on me becaue they can't get VP16. Instead they gave me the ragular cisplatin and Camptosar. I was fine for 3 days and now all of a sudden I'm a mess! Bone pain like crazy, cold sweats that soak me through. No fever though. So instead of 3 days of chemo and a neulasta shot I had one day of chemo adn I go back this week instead of waiting 2 weeks. I didn't get a neulasta shot and I'm wondering if that's the problem.
Anyway if anyone else has had these symptoms I'd be thankful to hear what brought it on.
Thanks !

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Sue, the sweats may occur instead of fever in chemo patients due to your immunocompromised state. My husband had pneumonia but never had fever, just the sweats. The ER doctor told us that when Bob had pneumonia.

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hi Sue,
you don't always get neulasta - with irinotecan (camptosar), my daddy never got his white blood cells suppressed.

you need to call your onc nurses and ask a simple question: "is this normal?" if the answer is yes, you'll be really relieved; if the answer is no, it's your fastest way to get into see the doctor.

hope you feel better real soon!

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I have SCLC and I was on the same combo but never had that problem. I could not handle the cisplatin and they changed me to carboplatin and irontecan. My problems were dizziness and could not keep upright.
I would definitely call my Oncologist office and see what they say. This was a good combination for me. Hope the same for you.

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