Body Aches and Pains after Chemo Treatment

After my husband's first round of chemo was complete (1 day of Cisplatin/2 days of Etoposide, once a month), his largest complaint was feeling sick all the time and his whole body hurting.

Oncologist has prescribed Emend for the delayed nausea he starts on third day of chemo. I feel this will work like a charm for him. However, I am looking for ways to deal or eradicate the body ache/pain factor. Oncologist said we could use Tylenol, and I though a larger heat pack and a body pillow might help.

Any assistance you can provide would be appreciated. His next chemo round is the first week of March.

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my husband had horrible pain after chemo but his dr told him that if you take claritin 12 hour after the third day of chemo it will help with the pain or as he called it kind of like growing pains
try it and it might help you can get it over the counter ok
hope this helps you

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I always take Aleve first thing in the morning - I can not take it 2 days before treatment to two days after treatment but it seems like I am OK the day of and day after treatment - so there is just 1 day that I take the lowest strength of vicodin if necessary. I am on Alimta. and this is what the pharmacist suggested and he explained the drug interaction warnings for Alimta. It works for me. I have had migrains for years and sometimes I will take those meds if I think my headache is headed that way.

You may want to talk with the pharmacist to check out various over the counter drug interactions with the chemo tratment.

wish you succes in finding relief.

Miracles & blessings


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Emend works great - I was never nauseous. For the aches (quite bad at times) I had an electric blanket that helped. I also found it helped to get out of bed occasionally, whether it just took my mind off the pain a little or the movement helped, I don't know. The aching was the worst after my first treatment - it was never as bad in subsequent treatments, so hopefully your husbands achiness will also subside.

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We have an electric blanket on the bed already. Went from being cold to then being too warm. He couldn't seem to get comfortable at nights. Went from recliner back to the bed. I thought that not only a larger heat pack would help, but also buying one of those body pillows. It could cushion his frame. I could use it once I have my hysterectomy in late summer/fall.

I am surely hoping that Emend works as well as it has for you.

Keeping my fingers crossed. We only have 3 more rounds to go.

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I had leg pain, especially in bed. I found if I kept myself warm, not a little warm, very very very warm, hot-bath-and-sweaty-kind-of warm helped a lot.

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My husband also felt a lot of pain after chemo infusions though no nausea.

He didn't take anything. He would just lie very still and almost put himself in a trance. He said all his bones ached. I think it was the chemo killing blood cells as well as potential cancer cells.

It is gruesome, but this too shall pass.

Get videos, relax with him.....God bless you both.

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