Blood clot on the lung = breathing problems

Took dad to his follow up MRI - its been a month since they did the mets removal in his brain followed by cyberknife. MRI was good - nothing new and it seems the cyberknife took care of the last remaining part they couldnt remove surgically.

While at the visit we pointed out again how bad his breathing is, He is always breathless, cant even do simple things anymore...all of this in the course of 6 weeks or so. No docs were listening to my sister and I and they just said they would keep an eye on it.

A nurse did a pulse/oxygen test while at the visit and his oxygen level was 97% but his pulse was 140! And that was when he was lying down and not exerting himself at all. She immediatley called an ambulance and they had my Dad in hospital for a couple days. They said it was a clot in his lung, a pulmonary embolism...and started him on heparin for 2 days on a drip and now he will be on coumadin (warfarin) as he does not want to take the lovenox shots.

How could every doctor and nurse miss this???? We have been saying his breathing is getting worse to anyone who will listen for weeks.

They said once the clot dissolves he will be back to his old self and be able to breathe that true? Just wonder why they didnt keep him in the hosp till it cleared??

Dont even know what I am asking here really, just anyone who has read my other posts knows the breathing issue has been going on for a while now and it makes me angry to think the whole time he had a timebomb inside him. They said the clot was minor in that it was not effecting his heart as a lot of them do, but still.....i dont think there is anything 'minor' about a clot.

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I can understand yo fear and anxiety. I myself had a sudden difficulty in breathing, called ambulance, and in hospital CT scan revealed I had severe pulmonary embolism.
I was put on heparin drip for about 5 days then onto Clixen shots that I have to have for life !!!

So yo dad will come right and yes the heparin dissolves the clot. The wafarin will do the job too !!! Yes he will be normal again. I am now doing long walks, kayaking, cycling, occasional run and I do swim too !!

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During treatment for SCLC, my wife got bi-lateral Pul Emb at in both lungs and they had to do a TPA, clot busting procedure which was very risky. It worked and she recovered although it took months. She was hospitalized for 16 days. She has been on Lovenox 60mg twice/day. She had a small clot a couple months ago with no symptoms. PE is extremely dangerous and require your attention. My understanding is that clots are a more frequent issue in the 1st year. Also, my wife had a high pulse rate during this time. The pulse rate can also be affected by dehydration. Good luck.

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Thanks for your replies. Wow Kingtubby that is great to hear that you are so active again. My Dad always had a physical job - even with the cancer and the fact that his shortness of breath made him housebound and unable to even walk out to get his mail was a massive shock to us all....really annoyed the doctors did not pick this up?! It took the nurse in his brain oncologists office to finally notice it on the vitals after we kicked up a massive fuss about his breathing.

How long does it take to clear the clot? They said it could be a couple days on the warfarin? If he could feel himself again it would be the best news we have had yet.

Mtairyguy - I am glad to hear your wife recovered from the procedure!

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When my husband went to the ER with SOB the first thing they did was check for a blood clot. Thank god it wasn't. I think some doctors just take it for granted that the cancer and COPD is the problem. If it gets worse and worse in such a short time darn it, they should look into it further! Most people know there own bodies and know when something just isn't right.
Glad the nurse paid attention.
Take care,

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My mom was in hospital due to severe breathing problem.she is stage 4 nsclc.Her onc said cancer has made her lungs weak.He did not mention anything about a possible clot.She was given various bronchodialators to ease breathing and was on oxygen for the whole time.she is back at home but is still on it possible that there is some clot which is making her breathing difficult and not really the cancer?are there any other symptoms of PE.

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My mom complained of every breath hurting and her heart rate was always over 100. She had blood clots in her left lung and fluid building up around the other. She had just been put on oxygen a couple of weeks before, at 2 liters. She was in the hospital a week. The clots were desolved enough that she could go home but the fluid kept building up. She now has a PluerX catheter so the fluid is drained off daily at home now. She is now on 6 liters of oxygen. If the breathing problem persist, please contact her doctor and insist that they found out why. Does your mom see a pulmonologist? Mom's problems were diagnosed by her pulmonologist at the ER. Her primary had either missed the cause or she didn't have the clots and fluid build up when she saw him. But all symtoms were the same. I so sorry that your family is going through's a hard. My prayers are with you.

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It has been a week now since Dad was admitted to the hospital and there is no change in his breathing...he is still struggling. How long does the clot take to dissolve?

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