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There is a man in our community that has cancer and hasn't been able to eat, is losing weight, very depressed, etc. His wife started giving him three tablespoons of Black Seed Oil twice daily and his last visit, just this past week, his doctor is amazed at the improvement. My husband has NSCLC-IV. I have been giving him Maitake Mushroom Extract by dropper since his diagnosis in Nov 2009 and now I will add the Black Seed oil to the list of other meds he is on.
I will try anything and I will advise to all the results. Keep your fingers crossed ! ! !

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Maybe you should add LDN to his regimin. Several of the Inspire members are doing well with LDN and it can be taken with chemo. I use LDN, mushroom extracts, Pawpaw cell reg. and a few other supplements and I'm a 4 year 9 mos. survivor of Stage IV. I've also heard good things about black seed oil but don't know anything about it. Whatever works.

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Looking forward to your update on the black seed oil....I have not heard of it but will look it up while waiting for your results. Heres to a successful trial!!!

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Black seed oil can come in a liquid and capsule...I just ordered it online...And mushrooms has alottt of vitamin D in them....So either eat lotsssss of mushrooms are order the capsules...They have them both at a online store...Anyone wants the store page I just ordered mine from just email me and I would be more than happy to send it to you...My email is ( And this site has cheap prices that anyone can afford:) And another natural herb Im taking is Milk Thistle...This helps promote a healthy liver and has been proven on New Orleans news that a little girls liver fuctioned better being on this while fighting chemo...We all know everything goes through our liver b4 it hits our entire body so this herb is one of the best to take and my cancer doctor said to take them and to continue too take them after chemo...and Im also taking ginger root...Its another antioxdent that fights off cancer! I take 2 caps. at least 3-4 times a day! those are also cheap and I buy them at walmart:) Hope this info helps some of you are even all of you:) I have ovarian cancer and I just come read about lung every once in a while...My grandmother that was 83yrs old just passed away from lung cancer Jan, 16th 2010...So if there's anything I can help you all with Im so willing too:)
Sincerely and lots of God's Blessings to you all,

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Well I reccived the shipment of Black Seed today and told my hubby he was going to start taking it as soon as he gets home from the hopsital. There are two people in town that are taking it and both have great results. Keeping my fingers crossed and saying alittle prayer.
Thanks for the other tips as well . . going to do some websurfing on your suggestions.

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Giving lots of attention to diet and nutition appears to be so important as another tool in our arsenal against this monster. I can relate to your post. My husband Joe dx'd with nsclc stage IV on 11/19/09. Like other Inspire friends, I've been doing a lot of reading a research, grabbing anything that seem might help keep my husband with us as long as possible. Just this week, I've learned about the importance of green tea, and found out the most potent is "matcha" a green tea used in Japanese ceremonies. I found some today at a new herbal tea store/emporium (Teavana)here in New Orleans. I just finished adding 1/4 tsp to Joe's fruit smoothie. Just google it and you'll find plenty of info., incuding recipes. Also check out tumeric as another anti-cancer food. In the meantime, I 'm going to look into the Black Seed oil for Joe...thanks for sharing that. This is a wonderful site for support. I hope to hear from you as often as possible. Stay in touch. Sending hugs and prayers....welcome to Inspire.

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can you help getting for me in india??

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Please look into other mushrooms. Maitake are not the best for lung cancer. Check out Coriolus PSP, Agaricus Blazei and AHCC
you can check out all different kinds of mushrooms at
Good Luck

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I also read a lot about the benefits of green tea. My husband (stg iv nsclc) prefers white tea (organic), which is said to be similar to green tea, but to have even stronger antioxidant and other benefits (and less caffeine) than green tea. He drinks white tea after every meal.

I might get him to try the matcha tea once in a while (adding some variety wouldn't hurt).

I ordered black seed oil (from the website alleyt e-mailed to me) and can't wait for it to arrive.

I recently read about an aloe product (made of "aloe arborescens" - googling this term will take you to the website with same name) that's supposed to be wonderful for cancer patients. I will have my husband try it (he is currently off chemo, temporarily, so it's a good time to try supplements). If it lives up to the many rave reviews, I will post.

By the way, the more time passes, the more firmly I believe proper diet/ nutrition (and exercise) and supplements (properly chosen so as to not interfere with conventional treatments) are CRITICAL for cancer patients.

One "side effect" my husband noticed, after 6 months of nutritional protocol and supplements (prescribed by an N.D.): much of his gray (white) hair turned black. His onc told him he's the "fittest" cancer patient she ever saw.

Vs8049 - I believe that some online sites will ship world wide. You might try googling a product name (or type), together with terms like "worldwide delivery" or "ship outside US".

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The Sloan Kettering website has info on Black Seed Oil as well.
The man in town that has been taking the Black Seed oil is now eating. The doctor told the wife - I don't know what you've been doing but keep doing it. He is off the feeding tube and they had only given him a month to live. He is doing much, mush better. The wife was giving him 3 tablespoons a day of the oil.
This gives me hope. I can't wait for donny to get home so he can start using it.
His oncologist said the infection is still severe and they don't know where it's coming from so he's staying in the hospital for the weekend. The can't resume chemo until the infection is cleared up.
There are many sites on the internet to find Black Seed oil . .

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