Biopsy tomorrow....7cm tumor in left lobe

I'm a 58 year old woman who never, ever smoked. So why am I here facing down lung cancer? The CT scan showed a 7cm x 5 cm mass in my lower left lung. The nodes did not appear enlarged and there was no pleural effusion, or evidence of any spread to structure that could be seen.....which I guess is all good. I am scared witless....the coughing up blood feels like the grim reaper coming! I would appreciate any prayers and advice how to go on living. Best to all! Jackie P.S. Does the cough ever go away after treatments? No one ever says you are going to cough to death! ^_^

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Dear Scared Witless, We've all been there and we UNDERSTAND what you are going through. Many others here will have sage advice for you.

I suggest simply this -- breathe. First in, then out, then repeat. Take things a second at a time while all this news and decision making happen. You'll know a lot more soon and can learn what options are there for you. We're here to help any way we can.

Breathing in Los Angeles and wishing you well,

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My mom had a 6-7cm RUL tumor.... pls see my posts. I hope they comfort you.

Best wishes

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Hi Sharpie, Thank you for the kind words! You are right, the waiting is awful. I have no delusions that it will all turn out to be a mistake or something.....I'm simply hoping that it's not small cell. After that, I hope that the subsequent tests confirm that there doesn't appear to be node involvements or mets. That would be awesome! What scares me is that the tumor is so large and I only started to notice the first symptom, a TINY wheeze, on July 1. Now I am spitting up blood. I am so terrified. Love to all! Call me Nonny!

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Hi Nonny,
Oh boy do I know how you feel !! In December of 2006 I had a terrible case of bronchitis that would not go away. I was on some kind of antibiotics for the entire month, and was still not completely well. Finally my PCP gave me a script for an x ray. On January 7, 2007 I stopped after work to have the x ray, and they made me wait until they called my doctor.

Then they said I could go home now but my doctor was going to call me. What the x ray revealed was a 4 x 5 cm (I think) tumor in my lower right lobe. What a shock.

Of course my PCP did call and he would set me up with a Thoracic Surgeon and go from there. I went through a lot of tests, and my surgeon thought it would be better to try to shrink the tumor before surgery. He wanted me to have 4 rounds of chemo and then surgery. It took a while to get started and I had my first round of chemo on March 1, 2007.

Fast forward to June 21, 2007, I had surgery to remove the shrunken tumor plus a small wedge out of my right middle lobe and some lymph nodes. I had the traditional surgery and was up doing things by August.

I am glad you are here among others who know what you are going through, so hang on, it may be a bumpy ride but I would bet you're a pretty darned tough lady.
Someone is always here for you.

God Bless you♥

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Everyone is different. My sister had the cough but no bleeding. Her cough did subside as chemo went on. The onc told her it would once the tumor began shrinking. Hoping the best for you and my prayers are with you.

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Yes I can understand your fear and confusion, especially being a non-smoker. You do not deserve this if it is a cancer.
Just the word cancer strikes fear into most people.
Your fear will eventually subside and there are many on this board who are long term survivors.

I had two lobes removed August 2009,followed by chemo and intend to remain around a long time.
Call here when you have questions or just need to talk.

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Hi Jackie, Good Luck on your biopsy tomorrow; until then there is still a CHANCE that this is NOT LC! I don't think there's anything delusional about praying with all of your heart and soul that it is benign or something else like a fungus ball (I know I did). If it IS Cancer though, the fact that it looks like it is confined to one place is very good....God Bless You, let us know how you are doing.

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Dear Nonny,

No one deserves this, whether they smoked or not. I too, hope that it is nsclc with no metastastis. Mine was slightly larger, but in left upper lobe. It was removed by thoracotomy/lobectomy in the summer of '07. I'm currently NED (no evidence of disease). I've had no chemo.

More and more, lung cancer is becoming a controllable disease, not the death sentence that it was thought to be just a decade ago.

Don't read stats on line.....they are old, and besides no-one is a stat, and no one is an average.

It seems like forever to get all the tests done, and finally get a diagnosis, and then wrap your head around the treatment options. That's where we can help.....whether it's just a shoulder to lean on.....or if it's Q's about almost anything....there's always someone here to help.

Try to imagine the best...never the worst. We have many, many long term survivors here who are still living long and healthy lives.

I'm glad you found our forum and'll get lots of support on the winding road ahead.

Keep looking up,

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My mom was diagnosed with a 9cm tumor NSCLC Stage 3a, in the lower right lobe in April - had 1 round of chemo - carbo/taxol and radiation - the shrinkage was a miracle Had a scary scan but lymph node tests were negative. Everything is scary and emotional like a roller coaster ride. However, she Saw thoracic surgeon who said he could do the procedure and a lobectomy and bronchoplasty was done on 9/9 and we brought her home today! But wait - before she left one of the surgical team looked to see if the path report came back and she is NED! We go back to surgeon in 2 weeks, back to oncologist in 5-6weeks - don't know yet if any chemo would be required for good measure?

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We went through a scare with my dad not that long ago. He had no symptoms but had a routine chest x-ray for a physical. (He had been a 4-pack a day smoker for many years but had quite for about 18 years or so.)

The testing and waiting were agonizing. His x-ray showed a 7 cm. tumor that had not been there on his prior routine chest x-ray. The next three weeks were filled with doctors appointments and tests and anxious waiting. His primary doctor, I could tell, was trying to prepare me for the worst.

Finally, after lots of tests we got the great news that he did not have lung cancer. He apparently has some benign process going on in his left lower lobe. What appeared on all his scans as a tumor is not a tumor at all. I'm not sure how to describe exactly what it is but it's sort of like he's having small collapses of his lung and the way it's happening makes it look like a large tumor on x-ray and CT scan.

Of course, he still has to be monitored for this condition but I wanted to tell you that there are other possibilities.

Good luck with your biopsy.

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Dear Jo,
I enclosed some of your reply.
"Yes I can understand your fear and confusion, especially being a non-smoker. You do not deserve this if it is a cancer."

I am sure your reply was well received. However, I feel NO ONE deserves lung cancer. Smoker or not.
NO ONE deserves breast cancer, obese or not.

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I am sorry you had to find us but I am glad you did.
It is a shock but you will be able to get up and fight it.
Today is your first step.
Prayers and healing love and energy going with you to the biopsy. You are not alone.

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Hi Nonny,

I had a 7x8 cm tumor at the top of my left lung and was coughing up blood. I didn't really have a cough, but once a day I would cough up a little mucous with blood in it. That stopped during treatment, and that was 11 1/2 years ago. I had a complete recovery after about 13 months. See my post titled "My Recovery".

You can do it.

Good luck and God bless,

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Dear Jo,
I do not wish to hijack this thread.
I was hurt by your post. I invite you to reply in a separate discussion I have posted.

As a smoker at diagnosis I deserved lung cancer?

Please see new discussion about attitudes under this title.

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At 53, I also had a 7.3cm tumor and underwent a right bilobectomy (middle & lower lobes). My breathing is usually good except for high humidity and strenuous movement. I notice it more when I go for a walk, but I can ride a bike with no problems.

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Annika, please don't be hurt or offended by my initial post! I never meant to imply that anyone deserves cancer of ANY kind! I only meant to point out the element of surprise......that lung cancer is not the first thing anyone, including my doctor, thinks of when a non-smoker starts to cough. In an odd way, it may have worked against me! The chest film may have been ordered sooner if I was a tobacco user!

Thank you again for everyone's support! We are all in it together, right?!


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Nonny, have to remind you that small cell responds to treatment better than non-small cell when caught early.

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Robin, Thank you for the upbeat note. I kind of assumed that I missed the "early" boat already seeing as the mass is the size of an egg. Either way, the support and encouragement from everyone had made ALL the difference! Nonny

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Nonny, mine was 3.5x2.4 cms. No mets to anyplace else. Inoperable due to location and my emphysema. Chemo and radiation. That was all 5 yrs. ago. Still here with no evidence of cancer! Onc. said it was caught early. When I asked him how long he thought it had been there, he said "only a couple of months." It was found by accident when I had a chest x-ray to make sure I hadn't developed pneumonia after a rough bout of flu and bronchitis.

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Robin, Wow! I am so happy for you! What kind of cancer did you have?

I'm sure there are alot more tests coming my way......but I guess things could be worse (so far, anyway). I think my doctor said he was surprised there did not appear to be other involvement with a mass so large. I treasure the positive posts! They keep me going!

All the best! Nonny

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