Back pain and stage 4 nsclc

My aunt woke up with severe back pain today. That is new. She slept in the fetal position, thinking pain was from that or cancer spreading throughout her bones. Im constantly afraid of this disease! She starts a new chemo tx (Nevalbine) on Wed. Third line. I dont know what to think or feel at this point. Thanks for listening!Jackie.

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In our situation, the back pain started, it seemed out of the blue. My Mother in Law wrote it off as pain from the brain surgery. It got a little worse each day and when a CT scan was ordered, she had a tumor in her T2 vertebrae. I don't mean to scare you but in her case, the CT scan just 30 days before was clear and then within 30 days it grew to the point that it broke her vertebrae.

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Hi Jackie,

Has you aunt been bedridden or does she walk around? I find that sometimes when I have not been active that I have back pain. I have lots of mets to the spine, but they are on the outside, don't threaten the spinal column and are stable, so I don't do anything about them. Plus I also have degenerative bone disease for which I do a series of exercises. Given the new cooperation you are getting with the doctor, maybe staff members can help her move if she has been really sedentary.

The problem we all seem to have is that our symptoms so often have multiple causes!

All the best,


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Thank you. My aunt did spend Friday out with the girls for 8 hours! She walks around great, when not tired. The pain could be from getting out when she's used to being home most of the day. (she felt alot of pain Sun morning) However, the cancer is already in her bones (legs, chest, poss. back...) and other organs so, I get concerned about any new pain. She mentioned sleeping in the fetal position (new) and I wondered about that. Not sure what to think about that or just dismiss it. Thanks again!

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it's crazy??!! once again, feeling like a aguinea pig as to WHAT we are targeting our treatment plan for whatever is causing the back pain??!! is it the lesions in my spine? the lesions in my ribs? Is it my Multiple Sclerosis (Yep - I have that too)?

So just finished 15 radiation treatments to 'nuke' the likely sources of pain (i.e. lesions) and now have a pain pump that automatically distributes meds over a 24 hour schedule. The pump also has a 'boost' button where i can give my self a boost of med every 15 minutes and controls that so you cannot over-medicate yourself.

The answer (thus far and ongoing) is let's try (insert another med here) blah, blah, blah!!! No slam on my docs - they are trying everything they can think of.
When folks are quick to place blame because the various docs make alot of money - I think to myself - Would I be able or want to do their job? The answer for me is HELL NO!!!

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