Avestin side effects?

My daughter had her 3rd round of chemo yesterday and this time her oncologist added Avestin also...does anyone knows what are the side effects? last night she had numbness and tingling sensation on her face but this morning it was gone...I don't know what to expect!!!

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I had some dizzinessand tingling on my face.My onc realised I never had a brain MRI.It was normal but I had some transient b/p problems which settled down and I am back on my original doses as I already had hypertensionAt a conference my oncwent to this year it was noted in a study that people who had a controlable b/p rise on Avastin also showed better treatment results.My onc and I were glad to hear that.I would just give oncs office a call and let him know.Don't worry too much but they like to be called if somethings different not like regular offices which sometimes act like if your not dead,why are you bothering me,lol Good luck.I take Avastin,Alimta,And Carboplatin.Next week is my 6th round and after 4 I had 40% shrikacge.Probably the worst for me is fatigueI fought taking naps for a while but thety help.Prayers AndiB

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I did 6 rounds carbo/altima/avastin every three weeks - started June 09. After the six rounds I've been on altima/avastin every three weeks - getting chemo #22 or 23 (losing count). I'm not too sure that the avastin has bothered me at all, altima gives me cramping and mouth sores (did just altima for a couple because of bp) they didn't give me the avastin twice because of my blood pressure being too high and that is also a side effect of the avastin so if you have a history of high bp that may be an effect. Was really tired and body aches in July so they took out the altima for one treatment and I had no problems at all with avastin alone.

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hi, i have been on taxol/carboplatin 3weeks on 1 week off, Started my 3rd cycle with one more to go. My doctor just added Avastin and Tarceva (i did test positive to EGFR and veg4) my lip area did have some numbness and tingling but it passed. mostly fatigue with this combo., lots of rest when you need it. My prayers are with you and your daughter. God Bless

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