Avastin going on.Egfr negative..

Mom is 49yrs ,under chemo...she is st4 LC adeno...NSCLC with Mets at bones.she started her second chemo cycle on 3rd jan,2013...her cycle is every after 3weeks.(phenergan-25mg inj,avastin 100mg 4ml inj,paraplatin 150mg inj,paraplatin 450mg inj,taxol 300mg inj,graniset 3mg inj and rantac 50 mg 1*3 ml inj....d last is pain killer..)so,far she is coping quite well.Her test for egfr is negative,Doc says,its useless as her test is negative.still waiting for the ALK test report.since,yesterday she is expirencing a bit of breathing problem.is it normal????what do i do next...please suggest??

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Anytime my hubby has breathing problems we check with our pulmonologist. Could be anything, infection, blockage, etc. Better safe than sorry.

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