Apple Cider Vinegar

If any of you are suffering from heartburn, please consider a little RAW, unprocessed, unfiltered, apple cidar vinegar instead of proton pump inhibitors like prilosec and zantec, etc.

I had AWFUL heartburn for the past 20 years and especially after chemo/radiation. I had considered HCL Betaine (hydrocloric acid) supplements but was a little scared of such a radical move in case I had too much stomach acid rather than too little - which is the usual case by the way, too LITTLE acid.

Lo and behold, after only one week, my heartburn is GONE!! I am so glad to take the only medication I have been taking off the list... it is worth a try because your digestion is increased.

To start, just take 2-3 teaspoons in a little bit of room temperature water before a main meal, OR take 2-3 teaspoons full then chase with a swallow of water. Do that for a couple of days before each meal, gradually decreasing to 1 time per day either morning or night as you progressively get better. From what I have read, the pros to this type of apple cider vinegar are tremendous... I like Braggs.

God bless,

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Thanks. Do you have any natural remedies for lowering cholesterol. I eat healthy and exercise but still have high numbers. It does run in my family but I really do not want to take a statin.

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Hi Munker;

Garlic, Turmeric, Fish oils/Omega 3's

Also, there is a supplement that I began taking upon the advice of my TCM, Dr. Chang in NYC for sleeping and sedation... L-Theanine. It is an amino acid (Niacin) and besides really helping me de-stress, I read that it helps lower cholesterol. I take 100 mgs 2 times a day. It really worked for stress.

I do not have high cholesterol and my ratios are good - I have been eating raw garlic, taking turmeric spice mixed with fish oils and curcumin for a year (also walking/exercising). Who knows?? Maybe that's why my levels are good.

God bless!

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Hi Ellen,

Thanks will definetly try this out. This is one of the few side effects my husband is having with the chemo and tarceva.


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I am being treated and have a yearly scope watching for any changes in a pre-cancerous condition I now have called Barrettes Esophagus. The cause of which is acid reflux.

I wanted to just mention that not all heartburn is just annoying. I discuss all things great and small with my physician in order to prevent medication interactions or reducing the effectiveness of prescribed medications.

From Web MD: "When Heartburn Symptoms Might Be Dangerous"

"If you're managing your heartburn symptoms on your own, it's essential to know what symptoms should sound the alarm. Call your doctor if you have any of these symptoms:

Pain or difficulty when swallowing
Unexplained weight loss
Bleeding or dark, tarry stool
Chest pain
Choking or shortness of breath, including severe, persistent hoarseness and coughing

All of these are atypical and alarming symptoms. "You may think it's heartburn but it actually could be something else, like a heart attack. And if you frequently use over-the-counter remedies and don't respond to them or get an inadequate response, check with your doctor. Acid reflux can also be a symptom of something more serious, like malignancies."

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Hi Ellen,

I take the Nature's Boundy Cider Vinegar tablets also and they not only help with heartburn, they are great at helping to eliminate constipation. Work like a charm.

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Thanks for that info Nancy! I will give it a whirl.

Toddy, you are of course correct in that it could very well be something more insidious than just heartburn - and I am truly sorry you are having to deal with that now as well. But many of us are sick and tired of just taking pharmaceuticals when the doctors can't figure it out. They had me taking 80 mgs of Prilosec for over a year - 4 times the normal dose - as well as Zantec and Reglan. The Reglan caused me MAJOR problems, like edema and joint pain. Not to mention it was just last Februaury classified as a Black Box Pharmaceutical causing liver failure and irreversible Parkinsons-type disease. And a doctor who should have known better prescribed it to me when I went to him for help for my heartburn. I was one of the lucky ones who found out in time. ( I posted the warning online here some weeks ago.)

Doctors do not know everything and we need to be our own patient advocates because of this. (How many of our doctors missed our cancer diagnosis until it was too late? Mine did. For 3 years. Now I am considered Stage IV.)

I doubt taking a little Apple Cider Vinegar will hurt anybody; it is after all a food like is found in salad dressing. And if it works - great. If not, no harm done. Certainly less than dangerous proton pump inhibitors.

How is your progress with the brain mets going? Any news? Please keep me posted. You have been in my prayers.

God bless,

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Dear Ellen:
It was not my intent to offend you and I apologize if I did. I was neither recommending nor discounting your suggested use of vinegar, merely offering a balance. I had heart burn for years too and thought nothing of it except an annoyance, in time it developed into something just a little more serious.

I understand you have very strong opinions on alternative health measures, and like you I also use some supplements and do not discount their value. One was ginger long before it was pronounced a good idea. Many supplements along with a healthy diet and exercise can be monumentally good in maintaining a sense of well being.

I only suggest that when making a change, knowledge of any possible interaction to existing prescriptions or reduction of effectiveness would be worth considering. It's not about the supplement or alternative it's about the individual.

Like you I was misdiagnosed for a time, now three years out from a stage 1 B diagnosis am stage four. Looking back over the months possibly year pre cancer I had all kinds of little vague things that I just over looked as nothing and never mentioned to my doctor. Would it have made any difference if I had, I'll never know but that was then and this is now.

Today I personally make note of vague changes and seeming little problems, which I believe helped find my original brain MET so early. All I was suggesting was that as patients, before making changes to existing diets or medications; symptoms and physical changes should be discussed with your licensed physician and/or pharmacist. It can truly be the ounce of prevention.

You know that I have appreciated your concern and impute regarding the MET. Still nothing definitive regarding where, when or if surgery. See a neurosurgeon on the 28th. In the meantime now taking decadron temporarily.
Wishing you all the continuing best,

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I have to add my support to your suggestion. We have used organic raw, acv for years for heartburn. I like to poor a few teaspoons in a big glass of water and drink that a few times a day.


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What does your dr. consider high? I have read a great deat about cholesterol and there is a growing # of drs that believe people are being told it should be too low and that is leading to other health issues. I have read that good #s are between 200 and 250.


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Absolutely no offense taken and if I sounded gruff towards you I apologize. My short fuse, if that's what it is, is with the general medical community as a whole. There are of course rare exceptions to the rule.

I have just been continually dismayed at the lack of knowledge all of the "renowned" physicians have demonstrated to me as they "care" for me. I have had a fast and sad education on just how they do not, for the most part, think "outside the box". For example, the majority know nothing of nutrition and in fact the advice they often give is outdated and ludicrous at a time we desperately need all the best advice available. I went to an oncologist once who had never heard of PSP. Notice I said "I went once".

I used to think it wasn't their fault because they never study nutrition in medical school. Now I do blame them ; it isn't difficult to do some research in that arena on nutrition and the most widely acclaimed supplements used world-wide for cancer care. Now I think they're just lazy.

Same thing with this heartburn issue. I had been being "treated" for over 20 YEARS. You would have thought ONE doctor along the way would have said "Hmmm. Perhaps you suffer from too little stomach acid" which is the case in 90% of the time, instead of just throwing pharmaceuticals at me that REDUCE stomach acid further. As a result, I have been creating my own problem all my adult life from their drugs.

I believe people should go to their doctors and be diligent with reporting symptoms, sure I do...but I also believe we should not just put our heads down and follow them off the cliff like dumb sheep just because "they say so". We need to do our own homework.

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Good to know this Pat, thanks for adding your comment. I have read many testimonials on ACV before trying and was even afraid at first it might make it worse. I was a little shocked to see my heartburn disappear almost instantly... It's good to know others here have had positive experiences with it too.

God bless,

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I love your fighting spirit. Yes, Onc. know nothing about nutrition.
My husband started his fourth line of chemo yesterday.

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Ellen, I believe your self help attitude and positive spirit gives you a great advantage in your battle against our common foe. You are an inspiration to many. I totally agree with you on the medical community; while they may have the best of intentions, their knowledge is sadly limited and they have neither the time or inclination to do anything about it. You are on the right path.
love and blessings from a fellow traveler,

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Dear Jan and Irene;

Thank you for your kind words.

My "fighting spirit" comes from God and the grace he has shown me. I truly believe in the power of extreme nutrition - but that is because I believe Jesus, the REAL physician and healer who has never let me down, gave me a word of knowledge regarding nutrition early on. To "non-believers" that will sound laughable... believers will understand. He has been my source of inspiration and is the source of inspiration available to everyone for the mere asking.

Jan, I will say a prayer of healing for your husband. Keep looking up.
God bless,

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I have heard of apple cider vinegar being used for GERD. I knew it worked! I am currently taking Protonix and it is the only thing that helped. The chemo really made the heartburn terrible. Couldn't handle plain pancakes. Geez! I would like a natural option, and good to hear about this again.

I also eat Xocai healthy chocolate daily. It is AMAZING for your energy, lifting the "fog" of depression, and giving your body the highest amount of antioxidants (the free radical fighter) on the market. I became a distributor to get the wholesale price. Best investment I ever made. It is unprocessed and preservative free...suitable for vegetarians or vegans.

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I have been "eating" the 100% raw cacao beans that are slightly ground (nibs) for the anti-oxidant value. Needless to say, they taste like ground up dirt. I will look into yours. Thanks and good luck with the ACV!
God bless,

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I am the same, refuse any Statin drugs, know too many people that are in bad shape because of them. My husband and I both take over the counter Cholest Off and have both lowered ours with no side effects. Lots of luck.

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I am so glad you brought up the fact that the medical community doesn't think outside the box. They don't want to talk about adding "natural" thinks to help OR even look to see what new medicines are on the market to help heartburn, sinus, etc.

A few years back I had a severe sinus infection and couldn't get in to my regular doctor. I went to an ear nose and throat specialist. They gave me an antibiotic and these pills that were a decongestant, antihistimine and someth else all rolled into one. Fourteen day supply.
It worked wonders.

A few months later I get another one - got in to see my regular doctor. I told him how much those pills helped and he said he never heard of them. He had to call his buddy the pharmicist to see what they were and he told him.


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Hello Von;

Yes, I have heard of Flax Seed HULL Lignans Concentrate. I have been meaning to order and just keep forgetting honestly. Thank you for reminding me! I will continue to eat the flax oil in yoghurt with freshly ground flax seeds daily for the oil/protein factor but like the high ORAC value of the flax hull concentrate.

I found only a couple of places online for this b/c I insist on organic everything... here is one:

This product comes with brocolli sprouts also, which for LC is good. I eat brocolli sprouts (and brocolli) a couple times a day anyway and have really gotten to enjoy them.

Please let me know which brand your ND chooses for you. I would like to compare. many times they have avenues we know nothing of -

God bless Von!

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