Anyone survived pneumonia?

My mom has had pneumonia for over a week now. Her body has become resistant to any prescription drug, so her oncologist decided today to put her in the hospital for a few days to give her a drug intravenously, and also give her oxygen. He also suggested giving her oxygen to take home after she gets out of the hospital. I am just wondering if there is anyone that has been through this before, and eventually no longer needed the oxygen. I just fear that she will not be able to be treated, and will have to stay on oxygen and won't ever return to normalcy. My mom is stage 4, nsclc at age 54.

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Pneumonia is a tough go. It weakens fast. Once recovery happens that can be fast too. Do everything possible to build her immune system. Keep her well hydrated at all times. She may yet return to near normal. Pneumonia does not mean oxygen forever. Stage 1V does not mean it is over either. There are many stage 1V long term survivors, quite a few on this site. Some have been restaged and declared cured.

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My husband was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia back in early Sept. ( he has stage IV also)
He was on heavy duty antibiotics and oxygen while in the hospital. He was home a week and had to go back to the doctors and rec'd antibiotic shots for three days. This past week- (9 weeks later) he just finished another round of antibiotics. From what I'm told it takes awhile to get rid of it. We just have to hang in there and get through the hurdles.
I will keep your mom in my prayers.

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I just got hubby out of the hospital yesterday from having pneumonia...It was a form of staph but not resistant to vancomycin and levaquin...So he is doing well :) He is also stage 4 with copd and diabetes...age 57

My mom does not have lung cancer but is last stage copd and had MRSA in her lungs last year...she survived at age 79!!!
My mom was in way worse shape than my husband is now and it was tough but she made it!!!

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I also survived pneumonia and am a stage IV LC patient. A lot depends on how healthy you are going into it and other diseases you may have. It did take me longer to get over it than before. Takes me longer to get over colds also.

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I was hospitalized in December and again February with pneumonia. I am stage 4 with copd. I was on an antibotic regiment until august. I thought I would never get off antibotics. Make sure she stays hydrated and gets lots of rest.


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When my Dad was first Dxed in May with ESCLC, it was pneumonia that put him in the hospital. He was able to recover and wean himself off the oxygen for a while. He now has a recurrence of the cancer, and has had pneumonia 2x since September. He bounces back. He does use his oxygen at night and sporadically throughout the day. Hes 75 yrs old.....and has had COPD for years. Hope this helps.

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I've had Pn. at least 6 times w hospital each time. The IV has to run 2 weeks. Along w it I got steroids which help soothe the lung tissue, but also can induce temporary diabetes. When the steroids stop so does the need for insulin.
A visiting nurse advised once that if I start coughing take temp. If 99 call dr. for antibiotic right away because over 100 I'd have pneumo. again. THis has kept me out of hospital now for 3 years. It works.
I use O2 and drove a race car last weekend. It's portable and lets me go and do.
The pneumo. comes for me because my r lung is scarred from radiation and doesn't expand so holds fluid.
Your mom will be ok. Make sure if she is in hosp. that she WALKS daily. Muscle weakens FAST and takes a long time to come back. IF she cant walk w out a tank and therapist have her doing exercises in bed to keep her legs strong. That is a real problem. You weaken so fast when sedentary.
Best to you both

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My mom also had pneumonia and actually, the best place to be treated for it is in the hospital because your mom will get the heavy duty antibiotics directly by IV so they work quicker. She was in the hospital for a week and was on oxygen and steroids but she did recover from it and she is not on oxygen at home.

God Bless,

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My Mom just today got put in the hospital for pneumonia. She didn't wnat to be admitted either but I know the IV fluids are best for her right now.
I just worry because the pneumonia on the same side as her mass. Also stage 4 NSCLC

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Pneumonia - UGHHHHHHHH! I got it BAD Aug/Sept 09 after a broncoscopy biopsy,,,,2 months in the hospital - a month in after care facility. Went from 120 lbs to 92 when I insisted that I go home. Did leave with oxygen, but didn't need that for long, thankfully. All back to normal now!!!

Hang tough!!!!


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Hello, I am stage 4 NSCLC. I had a bad bout of pneumonia back in July. Came home with antibiotics, had to go back in the hospital another 10 days with IV antibiotics. Came home with oxygen, but I got off it in about a month. Hope your mom is getting better

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