Anyone know how to read a PET scan or CT scan

I had one done today and I don't see my doctor until Monday. The radiology lab gave me the CD to bring to the doctor. I've had the old ones ever since last year when I was first diagnosed and I've never been able to really tell what's cancer and what's not. There are different color settings to choose from and that's confusing. I know I can just wait until I see the doctor, but I was worried about some shoulder pain I've been having and I don't see anything light up in that area on today's scan. I don't want to assume I'm right.

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I always read my own brain MRIs and every single time, I was wrong!
I'd be happy to interpret yours if you don't mind me being wrong...I have a streak going!
Make sure you bring the prior ones along for comparison.


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I wish I knew. I just looked at my husbands Pet Scan but some areas were lit that apparently are not cancer because nothing has been noted by the radiologist but.......... They just recently MISSED a spot on the T spine. And the radiologist just did an addendum on that report. Now I REALLY wish I was educated on this! Large compression on spinal cord but now doing much better recovering from emergency surgery. Still better for us not to worry too much. Worry is not healthy either. Let's just pray you get a great report! People do get good reports. Please keep us posted. Thinking of you for Monday.

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My advice,
Never try and read those. Even if you get lucky and guess right on something, odds are, you will guess wrong on even more...

I know its hard, but it truly makes you "crazier"....

God Bless,

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Get copies of the written reports from all scans, they are available. Trying to read those, I think you'd need a degree! Take care, Judy

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Radiologist have more years of medical school then other dr's! I am a radiology tech/ct/mri tech and I would never try to read scans. Just wait for the report.Having done ct for 20 years i do look at my scan after it is done. I can see something really big which mine is not.Thank God for Radiologist!

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If you're in that much agony, call the office and they should be able to give you some info over the phone. MY oncologist or her assistant always give me the results over the phone if I call.


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Hello, I do know how to read these scans by comparing them to previous scans and what are considered normal scans. I guess that's called guessing and unfortunatly I've caught the radiologist in several mistakes and things that he just overlooked. I know your curious about what they say but my best advice to you is for right now is ignorance is bliss. Put the scan down and go do something that is fun, you will find out soon enough. Good luck and god bless

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I have sat with my doctor and looked at the scans and sometimes one spot looks like another. As many times as I have sat at looked at them and he is pointing out things, I would still be clueless if I looked at a new one.


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