anyone experience no response to treatment?

hi all,
my dad has been battling exsclc since may of 09, the first round of treatment didnt respond well. The second one which was taxol did for the first time but not the second time. Then in jan he was put on pills (forgot the name) and now he is starting a infusion called gemzar? (sp?) anyone have this type of experience? i am sooooo frustrated cause he is not responding to anything and i thought chemo responds well to small cell?

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Ext SCLC is a very tough cancer to fight. It is not an easy responder to chemo. Too bad he didn't have the assay test to see which chemo would have worked better. It's not a guarantee, but worth a shot. Hoping this next round gets a response. Take care, JC

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SCLC is intrinsically sensitive to chemo. However, according to research published in an issue of the European Molecular Biology Organization journal, SCLC tumors with a protein called FGF-2 are known to be less likely to respond to treatment.

In cancerous tissue, tumor cells produce proteins that induce the existing blood vessels in the surrounding tumor environment to make new blood vessels for the growing tumor (called angiogenesis). Block these signals with an anti-angiogenesis drug (killing off the blood vessels that feed a tumor), the tumor cannot live and will die.

FGF (fibroblast growth factor) is one of about 15 proteins known to activate new blood vessel growth. VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor) and EGF (epidermal growth factor) are others. Perhaps one of the anti-angiogenesis drugs could be beneficial?

Functional profiling assays can certainly test SCLC and do it quite well. It can test not only conventional cytotoxic drugs but also the targeted anti-angiogenesis drugs. It can test anti-angiogenesis drugs in any SCLC and look for drug synergy (cooperation).

Without testing the tumor first, historically, Gemzar + Platinum (Carboplatin or Cisplatin) has had clinical responses there have been unprecedented in cell-based analysis.

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I know how frustrating this is for you and your family. It is good that your dad wants to keep on fighting--mine has mentioned so far two times that he is tired of feeling tired and tired of all the side effects. We have to be their cheerleaders. Hopefully this new combo will bring some positive results. Keep me posted!


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hi michele!
yes! I am glad he wants to keep on fighting too...although he does say how tired he is of all of this i know he wont give up. yes~ encourage your dad! that is the best thing u can do.

Only bad thing is ..if this gemzar doesnt work we may have to move on to clinical trials and my dad really doesnt want to do that. very frustrating.

how are things with your dad?

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Wow, sounds like your Dad has really been through it. I hope, if I need to, I can put up such a fight. You are both an inspiration. Has there been a discussion of an assay test at this point? My prayers will be with you that this round has a response. Take care and keep a positive attitude.


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