Anybody have "false positive PET scan" for liver mets?

My Dad had PET scan Feb. 9th showing only cancer in the upper left lobe, which he had removed March 20th. May 12th he had another PET scan due to abdominal pain on the right side, PET scan says "inumerable lesions on the liver"...they told Dad 6-9 months to live, if he does chemo. Both oncologist and surgeon who removed his lobe were shocked at how this had spread, when it was only in one lymph node inside the lobe they removed. He has had one round of chemo, pain just keeps getting worse, even while on heavy doses of oxycodone. Doctors now want to do liver biopsy to see exactly what kind of cancer this is in the liver. I see there are many other types of lesions that can be found on a liver that sometimes "light up" on PET scans...anybody have this happen to them?

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Yeah me. Large area lit up on Pet and after going to Mayo for 2nd opinion, nothing there. Nothing

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After my mom's first PET scan at a local hospital we were told she had mets to the adrenal, liver and kidney. After going to a cancer center (MDAnderson) we were told that she did NOT have these reported mets. Liver area is hemangioma, renal area is angiomyolipoma and the adrenal glads are hyperplasia. The CT also found a 5.3mm spot that was reported to be a met - they convienced her to have WBR - I objected to this, especially at her age and for such a small spot, but the person with MD behind their name won out. In view of the mistakes on the other organs - I will always wonder if it was a met or not. All I do is repeat what so many others here say - get checked at a major cancer center. Although we were too late to prevent the WBR, at least we found out it was not "everywhere" like the first place told us.

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I have found that the Dr's cannot read PET scans, so they rely on the reports. My PET scan prior to surgery in November 08 showed an uptake of 18 (light) with the tumor. A follow-up in Mar 09 showed a 2.2 (light) in the same area. My pulmonary Doc looked at the reports and x-rays, and concluded that it was an infection, not cancer. 3 weeks of pennicillin and it was gone. Next PET taken last week (8-4) no report yet.

Beware of PET scans and the people who interpret them. The DR's read CT scans, x-ray's, but cannot read PET scans.

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