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One of my well meaning and loving family members has insisted that I go to this cancer clinic in Mexico that has "cured" many people from cancer. When I try to explain to them that I do not believe in alternative cancer treatments like coffee enemas and lyetrile and vitamins and all the rest, she got very upset and gave me the long speel about how "all" the doctors in the U.S. are "brainwashed" by the drug companies and there are places that cure cancer but of course these cures are being suppressed by the FDA. I keep trying to explain that boosting my immune system isn't a thing I would want to cure cancer because I have a transplanted liver and unfortunately, boosting my immune system might cause be to totally reject my already shaky liver.

I have done research into this Oasis of Hope and it looks like a lot of double talk combined with diet, vitamin therapy and lots of money. Anyone have any info?

I also had a friend of a friend who left for this clinic early this week; this person has liver cancer that has mets to lymph nodes and has decided not to undergo ANY regular cancer treatment and instead go to this clinic. I was very dismayed to hear this; and gave them my opinion that they should be at a major cancer center but they refused to listen.

Also since I've developed cancer and had liver disease hardly a month goes by that someone does not send me the new and improved "diet" system of herbs and drinks and powders to put in my food. I keep telling them I am on anti-rejection medicine and cannot do this but they don't seem to listen and then they get mad at me. One person actually said "well don't blame me if the worst happens". (sigh)

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Dear Deb,

I am so sorry that you are experiencing the over zealous caring from well-meaning loved ones. There is no doubt that they love you exceedingly much and thankfully, want you to be successful in your journey with lung cancer.

What is difficult to explain to them is that you understand your situation, know what can realistically help, and what cannot.

You are very bright, and know your own body. We all need to listen to our own instincts, body clues and our own medical history. Awareness is crucial.

I love the "idea" of alternative medicines, BUT would rather take the road of complementary medicines ie., foods, drugs, and/or methods, alongside the traditional and/or orthodox. That is, of course, if they coincide with what is going on and do not impair any procedure, treatment and/or technology being persued.

Keep your wisdom intact, and know that they love you and may not be "hearing" you.

Many blessings are being wished for you, Deb.

As always,


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I'm in San Diego and there is a women in our lung cancer support group that has spent some time in Mexico at the Oasis of Hope. When nothing was working up here, she went down there and had incredible results. She is not cured but she is still alive. For a stage IV lung cancer patient, that in itself is an accomplishment. I believe in the school of thought that you need to throw everything possible at this cancer to survive.

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I agree that little has been shown about this Mexico treatment. Check to see if they have information. I would check a major research facility like MD Anderson if you have not done so already.

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I've heard of Oasis of Hope. There has been so much bad press (quackwatch as well as many other articles I've come across over the years).

I am a big supportor of Integrative Care, but Oasis of Hope is alternative care with no science behind it from what I've read.

There is no miracle cure, but miracles do happen .......

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My sympathies are with you. We have to make many choices in what we use in dealing with this disease. Some of them are the choices in treatment care. I heard so many "miracle" cure stories, of "magic" potions, etc. I was using traditional Chinese medicine and naturopathy at the time, not as an alternative but to support my health through the tolls of the harsh chemo, radiation and targeted therapies. People throwing darts at the board, with no real background or actual experience in looking into the face of this disease rose up like flies. I tired of swatting at them. They sucked the air out of the room. And I realized that if I were to live, I needed only healthy people around me. I cultivated those relationships, avoided the energy-sappers, and soon had support with intelligent questions (often not my own opinion). There is a real difference between loving inquiry and provision of actual health information, vs someone who wants to control and feels offended because you're not following their orders. As my TCM/naturopath physician said, there simply is no substitute for western medicine when it comes to dealing with cancer. And, there is no substitute for using immune support as best suits our individual health needs. I could wax on about the many miracle cures that reportedly are available out there, but why bother? the simple fact of the cancer rate says that these reports are not true. There are individuals who survive when not expected -- I'm one, and there are many of us. But I would bet that each of these survived because they became active participants in their own creation of health, on a daily ongoing basis, and did not rely on some oasis far far away. I am sorry you find yourself in the midst of so many opinionated folks. The thing about opinions is that people mainly bother each other with their opinions; I try to steer clear of the opinion-bearers, and journey in the company of open-minded, intelligent friends. Wishing you many supportive friends, SharonS

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My younger sister died of breast cancer in 1996. Before she died, she tried all sorts of alternative medicine....trips to Russia, Germany, Mexico.

I say stick with traditional medicine, and only when traditional medicine runs out of ideas try the more experimental programs.

Before my sister went to the clinic in Mexico, they fed exed her a promotional video. The fact they were trying to "buy" her business made me suspect.

I'm sure your family members and friends mean must pursue what works for you.

In the mean time, I pray for you to recover.....

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