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My Mom has stage 3 non small cell lung cancer and has done all the conventional treatments. We are now looking into alternative or natural treatments. I am needing some help on where to go from here. Any suggestions?

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What are all the conventional treatments she's received? What type does she have? Where is she at now after treatment, did she get shrinkage-is she stable? Take care, Judy

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I'm going to a naturopath Dr. in my area. They can help with a plan to help boost your Mom's immune system. Sorry, thats about all I know. Stay positive and believe in the treatment you decide on. May God Bless You and your Mom Nancy from montana

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Have you had a look at David Servan-Schreiber's book, "Anti cancer - A New Way of Life"? It's worth consideration.


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At Stage 111 seems like the docs should be able to do something for her. Alternative stuff is fine but you make it sound like she has no choice. There are people on this site that are in stages that they don't even have names for and they are doing well so that gives me faith that you have a lot of fight left in you. I have stage 111, so when you give up on regular treatmants,it makes me wonder about mine.

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Don't go there. After six year of lung cancer I have seen too many of my peers go after the magic bullet. I have experienced those I love bringing me elixiers that "will cure cancer" and many tell me to take this and that to cure my cancer. Go to Arizona and drink the healing water there. Do not go down that rabbit trail. There is nothing that can help you but healthy living in all areas. No magic bullet for lung cancer. Just stay healthy, eat healthy, exercise healthy and quit the stinkin thinkin. Awake each morning remembering all the blessing you have around you...heat, food, a roof, family, friends and you doc...cynthia from MO.

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My Mom has been through several clinical trials at the Mayo clinic dealing with Radiation/chemo together and several trials involving chemo. They have told her there is nothing more they can do. The cancer is in her lungs but has spread to her lymph nodes. She has stage 111B non small cell Squamish lung cancer. I know that there isn't a cure, but if there is something out there that will make her comfortable or will extend her life more than 4-5 months.

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I don't think you can cure cancer with the alternative methods. I do think you can build up your own body to fight off the cancer cells. their are many options out there, you just need to study them and decide what is best for you. And what ever you chose just believe in it.May God Bless you, Nancy

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"Just stay healthy, eat healthy, exercise healthy and quit the stinkin thinkin. Awake each morning remembering all the blessing you have around you...heat, food, a roof, family, friends."

Sounds like pretty alternative thinking to me.

Are you suggesting attention to mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of human health can actually have a positive influence on cancer outcomes?

I wouldn't be going there, that's very holistic. Too many people have gone down that path looking for cures.

That's my entertainment for the afternoon.

Alternative treatments don't work but change the way you look at life, have deep gratitude for your existence, love and laugh more.

Great advice. But eerily alternative to me.

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The perplexing delivery of advice on this site is mind numbing.

Comparing drug and radiation-based treatment regimes aimed at destroying cellular function in the human body and suppressing natural immune responses, with the natural healing arts and non-invasive therapies aimed at changing the biological environment in which cancer is thriving, is like comparing apples with Audi motor cars.

Is it a North American thing or are people just plain stupid, as was suggested to me today by a fellow Inspire member.

Of course there is no magic bullet in the field of alternative or natural therapies. Because the bullet is what people with an holistic understanding of the true nature of health and disease are attempting to avoid.

What these non-invasive therapies attempt to do is bring a dramatic alteration of the biological environment, to reduce inflammatory processes and to interfere with the cascade of events that give rise to cancer.

None are precise techniques, but they sure come without the side-effects of chemotherapy and torch-based treatment protocols.

To suggest on one hand that people should avoid alternative therapies at all costs and then advise people to work on their mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing on the other is a fascinating contradiction.

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You wanted some recommendations for alternative treatments because you have exhausted conventional. I wanted to give you a few books that I have read on the subject.

"Outsmart Your Cancer; Alternative Non-Toxic Treatments that Work" By Tanya Harter Pierce This book is a good summary of many alternative treatments that are out there.

"I Have Cancer What Should I Do?" by Michael Gonzales, Jorge R. Miranda and Andrew W. Saul. This book focuses on a more refined list of alternative treatments that these Doctors have seen work.

"The Gerson Therapy" by Charlotte Gerson. I know people who have shrunk their tumors using this method. There are several very compelling videos about Gerson and his practices for treatment. It isn't a magic bullet but it is worth a read.

"The Cancer Battle Plan" (I forget the author's name) It is a great story to read for inspiration. It is about a woman with Stage IV breast cancer. She went through all conventional treatment including bone marrow treatment and was released from the hospital with the "get your affairs in order" speech. It is a testimony of her fight for ten more years of life doing alternative therapy.

I hope this is helpful for you.

Take Care,


I hope this is helpful.

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Thanks for saying that needed to be said. The people who lost their battle to this dreaded disease aren't here to speak about what their particular treatments did for them.....someone needs to I think.

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I have been on maintenance chemo for over 1 1/2 years (dx w/ Stage III) and started developing bad side effects (headaches, muscle aches, severe stomach queasiness, and fatigue) several months ago.

Immediately went to an acupuncturist. MY SIDE EFFECTS ARE ALL GONE and no longer occur after every 3-week chemo treatment. Night and day. I am back to being "Supermouse". In addition, my water retention problems were resolved and my blood pressure went back into a normal range.

Acupuncture cannot cure cancer but it can help your body re-balance itself and deal w/ the toxicity of the drugs. The drugs are particularly hard on the liver, spleen and kidneys. They also effected my thyroid (my personal MD put me on thyroid pills after my annual check-up). My acupuncturist also has me eating certain foods and herbs (cucumber, celery, dandelion root pills)

Alternative therapies are mainly used as supplements to help the body deal w/ the side effects of a physical condition.

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Am I understanding correctly that you had no treatment except to eat healthily, rest, etc and live a life of gratitude?

If so please share what you eat and any alternative things you do.

Peace, Timelamp

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Dear Time lamp,
I have gladly taken all of the standard of care chemo that my body can tolerate in six years with this diagnosis. All the radiation my chest can tolerate and now I am on 75 mg of Tarceva which has been holding my 12 lung tumors stable for the past two years. These were not alternative therapies. We all agree what ASC says about trying to keep our bodies in fit shape to fight its fight with the tumors. I do not think staying healthy is an alternative is just what all mankind should be doing. I am a mental health professional and my stinkin thinking prevention methods only keep me emotionally is no "cure" for cancer. A grateful heart each day keeps me centered on being healthy is no cure.
Cancer friends who went to alternative methods of healing spent big bucks and travel time away from their support system to get 1) massive infused does of Vit. C avd 2) spent their retirement money going to a "magic water" spa in Arizon. They both died within a year of their lung cancer diagnosis. So when my sweet Bible study lady brings me the bottle of "cancer cure" from the local health food store, which she paid $36 for out of her own pocket, I said "thank you", used it up and loved her for her caring so much...It makes me sad to see how much time is wasted "chasing" after a magic bullet cure.
We all seek ease and stablity from our side effects, etc but alternative therapies are just not working for a "cure". I thought that was what this discussion was all about...Finding a cure in alternative simply is not there ..yet! cynthia from MO.

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We've all been told there is no "cure" for Stage IV lung cancer. I'm not sure that's true for everybody. It seems we have some members who have survived Stage IV lung cancer, are NED after conventional treatment, and we pray they are "cured". We all make decisions about how we are going to treat our cancer. Some of us will disregard all alternative therapy as useless and bogus and use only conventional therapy. Some may survive, some may not. Conventional therapy is not a sure cure, nor is going to an NCCN cancer center. I went to an NCCN cancer center over 6 years ago, and they told me to put my affairs in order and offered no treatment. Some of us may decide to use alternative therapy only, also not a cure and may be a dangerous choice for some, but could have been a good choice for others. Some will do a combination of conventional and alternative and the results are mixed, no matter what treatment we decide on. Whatever we choose to do we're all trying to gain control over the spread and growth of our cancer and we're trying to prolong our lives. Some will be successful, some won't. That's the sad truth about any kind of cancer, whether it's lung, breast, ovarian, or liver. In my unprofessional opinion, it seems to be a matter of DNA and the aggressiveness of the cancer cell. Sometimes changes in diet and life style help, but aggressive cancer cells can overwhelm the body within weeks or months, regardless of treatment. Other cancers are kept under control for years using an assortment of therapies because it's a less aggressive cell.

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Read about Low Dose Naltrexone, DCA and mistletoe therapy, here I am over five years after being given a death sentence, all of the above have helped me, I have had no conventional treatment since 2006....

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I won't argue with what you are experiencing. Thanks for the head-up.And congratulations on standing strong. I will check the above therapy out...cynthia

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The entire discussion about "cures" and the natural healing arts is contradictory.

And anyone with a thorough understanding of the true nature of health and disease is loathe to even use the term.

Do the so-called alternative therapies cure cancer? Of course not. Does diet cure cancer? You are downright silly to think as much.

Does chemotherapy cure cancer? There are scores of oncologists who will take credit for a cure but, really, they are just treating disease - either effectively or ineffectively.

The body does the curing, not the diet, not the supplement and, much to your oncologist's chagrin, not even his chemotherapy drugs.

What a clean, healthy diet will do for you is to create a biological environment which makes disease less likely, and which supports the basic healthy function of the human biological system.

What nutritional supplements will do, when used judiciously and effectively, is support the function and structure of your body so it is better able to defend itself against disease and better repair itself - the human biological system is a beautiful self-repairing mechanism when given the chance. Your body, in its remarkable wisdom beyond anything we can possibly get our heads around, is always working to create homeostasis and to keep you functioning well.

What chemotherapy drugs do is destroy tumour cells - unfortunately often along with billions of healthy cells. Yes, they treat the cancer very well. But the only curing occurs is when your body - with its cancer load reduced or removed - is strong enough to repair itself and prevent the return of the disease. If it is too weak to support normal biological function or if severe damage is done to normal biological function, or if the disease process is too advanced, you can use as much chemo as you like but no cure will result.

Medical drugs and radiation only treat disease. Surgery can remove a mass as a result of a disease process, much like cutting the branch off a plant that has some disease on it.

But the curing or total eradication of disease will only occur if your body can regain balance and control of the situation.

And the more you can do to support that return to homeostasis, through good healthy habits - and attention of mind, body, heart and spirit - the better your chances of helping YOUR BODY bring about a cure.

The natural healing arts and various "alternative" therapies are usually designed to bring about a change in the biological environment - they improve the biological terrain.

Some are useful in interfering with the cancer disease process at various stages of its development, but they are not as effective as treating the disease process as chemotherapy drugs. However, crucially, they usually come without the gross side-effects of such drugs that can be so damaging to human function - and set back your chances of staying well in the long term.

It gets back to common sense - in cases of cancer use medical treatments as life-saving medical intervention.

Look to healing arts, to improved nutrition, nutraceuticals and biological therapies - and perhaps some of the alternative cancer therapies - when you have time up your sleeve and when you or your advisers feel it is safe to, and when you want to minimise the deleterious effects of invasive and toxic medical procedures.

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Fore those still struggling with this very basic concept of human health:

A good rule of thumb when it comes to the natural healing arts is that next time you walk into a whole food store or look up the internet for a nutraceutical, say to yourself: "There is nothing here that is going to cure my cancer. What I am trying to achieve is to create a healthy biological environment and to support the function and structure of my body."

Of course, the beauty of living in a self-healing organism like the human body is that when you do create a healthy internal environment, when you support the function and structure of normal healthy biological processes, your body will often do the healing for you.

And, yes, even in cancer - which is why you continue to read about these amazing healing and survival stories, attributed to all sorts of weird and wonderful potions that do nothing more than what we have talked about above.

Cancer progression is NOT inevitable. Write it down 50 times if you need to.

Cancer progression is NOT inevitable.

Consider the list of long-time survivors on this site alone. There's G with 11 years behind him. Grandmado has 8 after telling the oncologist she was done with chemotherapy and going home to put the kettle on and get on with her life.

Neither of these two great, inspirational legends did anything in relation to diet or natural therapies. They just took control of their own wellbeing and got on with life. Perhaps the greatest secret of all.

There are dozens and dozens of survivors who DO attribute at least their improved health to the natural healing arts. There are no two stories the same. And no two treatment protocols the same. So there are no cures to be found in the natural healing arts - because what works for one may not work for another, and that is hardly an effective cure.

Just considering the cases on this site, is it not a fundamental truth that cancer can and often does revert to the nothingness that it came from?

Think about this.

Cancer progression is NOT inevitable.

We need to get in touch with our intuitive selves - reconnect to the main, the divine, the source of life.

And do whatever we can to support our bodies' normal biological function and structure.

Chances are, you'll make it.

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I have wild alternative treatment stuff that I'm saving for the right discussion.

lbrennan is asking for suggestions and I have intellectually bought into the idea of Coley's toxins.

This link is one of the few companies making "Coley's Fluids" in the world and they seem to offer compassionate use programs.
That this immunologic treatment is not readily available is a cancer tragedy and ongoing crime,
that can be laid at the feet of gov't corruption and corporate greed.

If I were slowly walking up to death's door and didn't want to...I'd look at this treatment.

wishing you well

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