A touch of god

THIS is what we ALL should be looking for in life...God speaking to us in ways we might not even recognize

This really touched my heart, so I wanted to share it with you!
God Whispers


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Beautiful! Thank you for the reminder!


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Thank you, California Russian!

Have forwarded this beautiful Youtube to family members. You know, I was born in California, but was blocked from visiting Russia in the 60's because of work my mother was doing at the time. I remember the Russian folks returned my three Arizona Highways magazines marked "Propaganda" . To be noted is that they were returned ONLY after three months with a lot of earmarking and leafing through the pages!

It was my one failed opportunity to be a Sputnik! So let's be sputniks now via this lung thing that connects us. Out here for tonight, your friend, who has always heard God's whispers! Karen

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Thank You Rita, that was amazing! I talk to God on my walks and almost every time I see a Dragonfly! I get so I look for him! Lorrie!

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Thank you so much. I needed to see that today. It is so true that all we have to do is open our hearts and He shows Himself to us.

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God bless you sweet Russia,

So thoughtful of you to pass this on to us! I really liked it...a great reminder to pay attention to God's whisper :)

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Beautiful reminders. Thank you!

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Yes Rita, God is always with us.
We just have to listen .
We don't always want to do things His way.....
That is when we get in to trouble !

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Dear Rita,

Thank you for sharing this with us;-)

Glad God sent you here to us. We are blessed.


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i have complete faith that god , the angels and those that have gone before me surround me on a daily basis. but sometimes i just don't listen this was a wonderful reminder . thank you

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Thank you for sending this.

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Thank you for posting this. It was beautiful.


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Thank you so much. Without my faith in God, I would have great difficulty after Mom's passing. Love from Heidi

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Beautiful. Thank you


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Beautiful. Thank you for posting.

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