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Need an excellent oncologist in Cleveland



  • By SandRich · New reply 11:48 am
  • Discussion in Non-small cell lung cancer - General · 7 replies
  • I was diagnosed in May 2014 with NSCLC. I asked the doctors what stage it was and they told me that the only way they could tell was by doing surgery. I gave in to them and they did surgery October 7th ...

PleurX drain (catheter)

  • By ElsieN · New reply 11:45 am
  • Discussion in Non-small cell lung cancer - Adenocarcinoma · 1 reply
  • Does anyone has catheter in place for more than 2-3 months? I have mine placed in August, drain daily. The last 2 days was 50ml, so went on every other day but the drain was 220 ml. Is that normal? I ...

Newest biopsy results are in!

  • By Denzie · New reply 11:41 am
  • Discussion in Non-small cell lung cancer - General · 19 replies
  • Wow. Where to start. Okay. The new mass on the neck, in the parotid gland is NOT malignant. So no progression and no third primary. So very relieved. I was doing that thing in my head where you check ...


  • By Branastasia · New reply 11:38 am
  • Discussion in Non-small cell lung cancer - General · 1 reply · Photos
  • Welcome Divas and Dudes, Newbies, Caregivers, Loved Ones, Friends and Lurkers. This is a post for all things Tarceva. Baby it's cold INSIDE! It’s “shoulder season” in the building maintenance world. That ...

Good news

  • By Arundle · New reply 11:37 am
  • Journal · 14 replies
  • My latest six month scan has come back clean as a whistle. Good news indeed ...

My Baby

  • By RobertBarrett · New reply 11:33 am
  • Journal · 4 replies
  • God took her away from me. I am so alone, So alone...God help me and I thank him for letting me have her while I did... She is finally pain free and I am so happy for her.. God Bless her...She will wait ...

Iodine Supplement


upper respiratory infections

  • By patn936 · New reply 11:08 am
  • Discussion in Non-small cell lung cancer - Squamous cell · 3 replies
  • Hi All, it seems that since my lung cancer dx/treatment etc. any time I get an upper respiratory infection I have to be treated with a second round anti biotics. Since I am still getting treatment for ...

Why can't they do anything for me?

  • By Woogers · New reply 10:51 am
  • Discussion in Small cell lung cancer - General · 22 replies
  • I had wbr back in April. MRI shows they r back but onc said rad doc can't do anything. He fears doing more harm than good. All the stories I read on here, why am I out of options? I'm alone and freaking ...

IMMU-132 clinical trial

  • By GregS-IN · New reply 10:51 am
  • Discussion in Small cell lung cancer - General · 6 replies
  • Does anyone have information on the ongoing IMMU-132 clinical trial? I have SCLC that was diagnosed in Aug 2012. Since then I have gone through 2 lines of Chemo. I started with Cisplatin and VP-16, and ...

Jeannee update

  • By RobertBarrett · New reply 10:50 am
  • Journal · 26 replies
  • Sad Day...My baby's journey is over. She is with God...Her pain is done. God Bless us All ...

Diagnosed with EGFR and ALK mutations

  • By RicNH · New reply 10:49 am
  • Discussion in Non-small cell lung cancer - Adenocarcinoma · 8 replies
  • Previously, I raised this as an issue, and received what I thought was a very good response. I am 3 months into my cancer, and one month into my chemo treatment. I have Stage IV NSCLC, metastasized to ...

1B - considering not doing chemo

  • By Emaxcy · New reply 10:43 am
  • Discussion in Treatment options · 31 replies
  • 59 yrs old., good health. Stage 1B NSCLC 6cm tumor totally resected 3 weeks ago. Looking for input from people who have opted NOT to do adjuvant chemo. Very concerned about the risk vs. benefits data ...

AZD9291 - DAY 1 of CYCLE 1 & Beyond

  • By Donna-W · New reply 10:36 am
  • Discussion in Non-small cell lung cancer - Stage IV · 935 replies
  • On 12/13/10 I was diagnosed with Stage 4 BAC with EGFR 19 POSITIVE mutation and told I had six months to live by my original oncologist which, was a diagnosis I would not accept. I sought a new oncologist ...

very confused and upset

  • By doodyda · New reply 10:28 am
  • Discussion in Non-small cell lung cancer - Stage IV · 3 replies
  • how r u all doing ? I feel very upset today , as my mother after 2 months of pain in moving with her back . And after the opinion of her onc. one month back ( that her pain is not from the bone Mets ...

Introducing Karen's New Boyfriend!

  • By Lovelife8 · New reply 10:26 am
  • Journal · 10 replies · Photos
  • I wanted you to know I can only choose boyfriends with toes pointing outward toward life and with a jolly demeanor...and here he is...SVEN, My Beau ...


  • By Branastasia · New reply 10:24 am
  • Discussion in What, me worry? · 26 replies
  • The Venting Room is a judgment-free place to just get it off your chest. I’ll go first: My primary care physician and his partners sold their practice to a larger hospital system. It makes a lot of sense ...


  • By kaleebaby · New reply 10:14 am
  • Journal · 9 replies
  • Sissy passed away on the 7th of october 2014. When dx in February 5 they told us 6-12 months. little did i or anyone know that one more month than they said was true. i kept faith and took care of her ...

Immunotherapy Patient Forum, 10/26 in Chicago

  • By CarleaB · New reply 10:03 am
  • Discussion in Lung cancer events · 6 replies · Photos
  • Hi all - Hope to see you at the Immunotherapy Patient Forum in Chicago on Oct 26th! Register at or Carlea ...
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