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Sharing experience on blood markers

  • By Bernie3 · New reply 1:26 am
  • Discussion in Non-small cell lung cancer - General · 84 replies · Photos
  • Dear friends There are frequent debates on Inspire regarding whether we should use CEA and other blood markers to monitor our treatments. Markers are not very popular among doctors because they are not ...

lung cancer....again

  • By kbc1980 · New reply 1:21 am
  • Discussion in Small cell lung cancer - General · 7 replies
  • Hello, my father is 57 and last year he was diagnosed with non small cell lung cancer. His left upper lobe was removed. Recently he was having trouble breathing. I took him to the ER where they found ...

Nivoluamb club members

  • By Barb450 · New reply 1:09 am
  • Discussion in Non-small cell lung cancer - Squamous cell · 203 replies
  • I thought I would start this thread for all of us who are on trials or recently started or starting the new FDA drug Nivoluamb . I thought this we be a good idea so we could keep tabs on each other and ...

Good news for supplement users.

  • By Denzie · New reply 12:55 am
  • Discussion in Complementary and alternative medicine · 11 replies
  • Occasionally we are reminded that one of the biggest pitfalls of relying on supplements is the sometimes questionable purity and quality of many of the products. In some cases testing revealed that a ...

EGFR exon 20

  • By lifos · New reply 12:47 am
  • Discussion in EGFR mutations and lung cancer · 22 replies
  • My dear inspire friends, I am NSCLC stage 4 since August 2013, went through 6 rounds of Alimta/avastin/ cisplatin And then 10 months of Alimta/ Avastin maintenance. then 3 month break and MeDi 4736 immuno ...


  • By ihavehope11 · New reply 12:42 am
  • Discussion in Family members and caregivers · 6 replies
  • As some of you may know my mom passed away in October of last year. And I am her only child (19 years old). Currently I'm living on my own (partially). I am working but not full time, and I am going to ...

Unless I get a miracle? I could be on the way out?

  • By HeliEye · New reply 12:33 am
  • Discussion in Non-small cell lung cancer - Stage IV · 501 replies · Photos
  • Todays meeting with my Oncologist, was not the happiest meeting, as he said he couldn’t do any more for me, or, Jenny thinks he may have said, “there’s nothing else I can give you” He had exhausted all ...


  • By Branastasia · New reply 12:15 am
  • Discussion in Non-small cell lung cancer - General · 26 replies
  • Welcome Divas and Dudes, Newbies, Caregivers, Loved Ones, Friends and Lurkers. This is a post for all things Tarceva. Mr. Bran had a routine visit with Ol’ Doc Patel this week – he’s been our PCP for ...

Lung Cancer Awareness, T shirt idea

  • By Dave9435 · New reply 12:12 am
  • Discussion in Lung cancer events · 63 replies · Photos
  • Can we design a T shirt for Lung Cancer? Would you buy one? It seems we have a fair number of patients and caregivers here on Inspire. Is there a way we could pool our talents and design a logo, have ...

Oh crud! I have Thrush!

  • By Stillawake1 · New reply yesterday at 11:59 pm
  • Discussion in Non-small cell lung cancer - General · 6 replies
  • Thought it was just GERD earlier in the week but my tongue is coated white and my throat hurts. Waiting for the on call Onc to call me ...

Journey to discvery

  • By kittykatsx6 · New reply yesterday at 11:55 pm
  • Journal · 6 replies
  • Don'tknow if that is a good title for this journal or not but couldn't think of anything else to use. It has been a journey to this point. I have not been feeling well for over a year. Had a colonosco[y ...

What do you wish your doctor knew?

  • By Brian · New reply yesterday at 11:41 pm
  • Journal · 541 replies · Photos
  • Dear members, Some of you have seen the story of the schoolteacher who asked students to anonymously finish the sentence, “I wish my teacher knew…” in an effort to get the children to share something ...

Acid Reflux/Heartburn

  • By Ivamay · New reply yesterday at 11:40 pm
  • Discussion in Non-small cell lung cancer - Adenocarcinoma · 4 replies
  • I was taking Oneprazole for several years however when I started taking Tarceva I had to go off of it. My ONC gave me a prescription for 40 mgs of Famotdine to take once per day, preferably in evening ...

Afatinib help! ❤️❤️

  • By NicoleInTulsa · New reply yesterday at 11:38 pm
  • Discussion in Non-small cell lung cancer - Stage IV · 8 replies
  • Hello, my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 adenocarcinoma in February of the lung... They found multiple bone Mets and brain tumors.... 😱😱 He just started afatinib over 30 days ago. He's only 39 & our ...

Different oncologists

  • By Dkrywko · New reply yesterday at 11:03 pm
  • Discussion in Small cell lung cancer - Extensive · 4 replies
  • I am at U of M Hospital undergoing chemotherapy. My doctor is a MBBS? Should I also be seeing a radiogogist oncologist? Should I be under the care of a Pulmonologist? If you are working with more than ...

feeling lost

  • By doworry · New reply yesterday at 10:55 pm
  • Discussion in Non-small cell lung cancer - Squamous cell · 3 replies
  • My 67 yo mother just got DX with stage 3b squamous cell lc. Being told its in the lymph by impression. If you looks Luke a duck and quacks like a duck then... Not sure if I should push for a bronc to ...

MRI of Brain Today

  • By Starlette · New reply yesterday at 10:55 pm
  • Discussion in Small cell lung cancer - Limited · 17 replies
  • My PCI was cancelled yesterday because of headaches. I am having a stat MRI shortly. Good doc says if mets,only change would be dosage and will begin Monday. Mask made and ready to rock and roll. I must ...

Stable with Drain Tube

  • By melbutler98 · Posted yesterday at 10:50 pm
  • Discussion in Non-small cell lung cancer - Stage IV · 0 replies
  • Hi All. Mom seen Onc on Wednesday. We are still stable after 4 rounds of Docetaxol. We had drain tube placement on Thursday. It took longer than normal because the 1st insertion collapsed her lung partially ...

"Pass the Antacids ..."

  • By Dwindle · New reply yesterday at 10:49 pm
  • Discussion in Hope, friends and humor · 45 replies
  • Dearest Inspire Friends, While I will defend anyone's right to post their opinion, thoughts and suggestions to help others in the face of living with and surviving cancer, I cannot abide by the oft-times ...

A discouraging update from Montreal -the monster is SCLC

  • By LauraEmanuela · New reply yesterday at 10:46 pm
  • Discussion in Treatment options · 12 replies
  • Just got back from the doctor and were told that my mom has SCLC. I had read so much hopeful things about NSCLC but nothing yet for this monster. I know it stole our dear Dee from us yesterday and I keep ...
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