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Lost my husband, need a shoulder to cry on

  • By Petbabe · New reply 8:54 pm
  • Discussion in Family members and caregivers · 21 replies
  • I lost my wonderful husband on 11/19/14 just 6 weeks after being dx with Stage IV NSCLC. I brought him home for hospice but he passed after being home for 24 hours. I thought I had prepared myself for ...


  • By Branastasia · New reply 8:54 pm
  • Discussion in Non-small cell lung cancer - General · 17 replies · Photos
  • Welcome Divas and Dudes, Newbies, Caregivers, Loved Ones, Friends and Lurkers. This is a post for all things Tarceva. It is that crazy time of year. So much planning, running, visiting, cleaning, and ...

Medscape Best and Worst Drs of 2014 is out.

  • By Denzie · New reply 8:54 pm
  • Discussion in Lung cancer in the news · 11 replies
  • I don't know if you have to subscribe or not in order to read this. So this one I wanted the cancer world to see as his crimes were particularly heinous: treating patients for cancer who had none; not ...

da Gas

  • By Lt-Frank · New reply 8:52 pm
  • Journal · 10 replies
  • Where does al the da gas come from? Feel like I'm going to explode some times. Watch for me on the middle Tennessee news ...

Squamous long term survivors

  • By sandsmit · New reply 8:46 pm
  • Discussion in Non-small cell lung cancer - Squamous cell · 22 replies
  • Can we have another head count of any long term survivors or squamous nsclc, what stage and what treatment are you on and any coping advice you can give. Thanks Sandra ...

Tarceva help

  • By dpotts · New reply 8:29 pm
  • Journal · 4 replies
  • My wife who was recently, (Sept 10,2014) diagnosed with lung cancer stage 4 with 5-6 brain mets and mild to moderate enlargement of the lymph nodes,subcarina and precarinal regions. She tested positive ...

Help with severe indigestion and gas with diarehea after chem

  • By elst · New reply 7:28 pm
  • Discussion in Non-small cell lung cancer - Adenocarcinoma · 4 replies
  • I am undergoing chemo for EGFR and experienced a couple of days later very bad indigestion and gas. Anyone have a suggestion for the indigestion? Gas X seems to work for gass. I also had diarreah that ...

Tarceva Without the Test

  • By Nancy84 · New reply 7:18 pm
  • Discussion in Non-small cell lung cancer - Stage IV · 18 replies
  • Hello All, My father-in-law, 75, got his PET results today after completing 6 rounds of Alimta/Carboplatin. Unfortunately, the results are not as expected. Some of the cancerous cells in one lung disappeared ...


  • By Attootsie · New reply 7:15 pm
  • Discussion in Treatment options · 10 replies
  • Hi fellow ALK's, what kind of sleep aids is anyone on Xalkori taking? I don't like to take extra meds but I have trouble sleeping more nights than not! I didn't sleep well last night and I actually took ...

Me, my guitar and my Christmas song to all ...

  • By dkharris · New reply 7:12 pm
  • Discussion in Hope, friends and humor · 24 replies · Photos
  • Thought I would share this song ( my first ever youtube video ..hee hee) and wish everyone, everywhere a very Merry Christmas. ( Please keep in mind, I'm not so great at singing and stuff, but I practiced ...


  • By sunset100848 · New reply 7:08 pm
  • Discussion in Non-small cell lung cancer - Stage IV · 17 replies
  • Hi All, Its been a rough year. Mom was diagnosis with stage one lung cancer and had surgery. She is doing very very well thank god. I am the youngest of three. In April my oldest brother was diagnosis ...

Bumps on forehead



  • By CalRod · New reply 6:51 pm
  • Discussion in Non-small cell lung cancer - Squamous cell · 11 replies
  • I was diagnosed with Squamous cell stage IV just before Thanksgiving. When i got back from visiting my family over Thanksgiving I had a brain MRI. The MRI showed several small spots from the spreading ...

genetic testing

  • By sonia84 · New reply 6:17 pm
  • Discussion in Non-small cell lung cancer - Adenocarcinoma · 5 replies
  • Just would like to ask a question. I keep hearing about genetic testing for different mutations. my question is how do you go about having this testing done? who should I talk to about this? Any advice ...

My fifth 'last Christmas '

  • By Trish1941 · New reply 6:08 pm
  • Discussion in Non-small cell lung cancer - Stage IV · 37 replies
  • I count my blessings and marvel at the care I have received. Things did not look too good back in 2009. Too many people have died in that time and I have no idea why I am still around. I feel a big obligation ...

Losing everything

  • By sunwyn · New reply 5:52 pm
  • Journal · 15 replies
  • My Mom died of cancer on September 11, 2014. She had been diagnosed with lung cancer in June and went downhill very quickly. I have been her caretaker for several years but she was never so sick I couldn't ...

lung cancer metastatic to the brain, ALK, any long term survivals out there

  • By mokasz · New reply 5:20 pm
  • Discussion in ALK mutations and lung cancer · 2 replies
  • Any long term survivals out there? i do not go by statistics anymore, just like to hear from anyone who is, or knows of someone who survived lung cancer that moved to the brain, thanks ...

Looking forward to my first CT scan

  • By sonia84 · New reply 4:39 pm
  • Journal · 7 replies
  • My first CT scan since being diagnosed in June is coming up. I feel a mix of anxiousness, hopefulness, excitement and worry. I'm excited because this is my first milestone and, a major one indeed. Anxious ...

Ncslc stg 4, no known mutations survivors?

  • By noding · New reply 4:25 pm
  • Discussion in Survivor stories · 36 replies
  • Is there anyone nsclc stage 4 long time survivors whith no known mutations atound here? If there is please answer me ...

shrinkage of tumour by 80% after 3 cycles

  • By Rider44 · New reply 4:20 pm
  • Discussion in Small cell lung cancer - Extensive · 20 replies
  • Hi I am stage 4 extensive sclc and I would just like to share my good news , I had a chest xray Monday after just 3 cycles of cisplatin and etopiside and my lung tumour which is also attatched to my pulmonary ...
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