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  • By nancymcc7 · New reply 6:25 pm
  • Journal · 20 replies
  • Feeling a little low. Had my second dose and seeing the side effects. I do not look like me to me right now. I am going to try a new look to help myself feel better. Today, I was moping around and the ...

My Son Chris is with God!

  • By Attootsie · New reply 6:23 pm
  • Discussion in In memoriam · 77 replies
  • My Loving Son John Christopher Deemer 46 years young! Passed on to Heaven July 17, 2014. He was a very loving Dad, husband and the Best Father and The best Son you could ask for! It is such a Shock that ...


  • By MizK · New reply 6:14 pm
  • Discussion in Hope, friends and humor · 25 replies
  • OLD TRADITION HERE! SAY "RABBIT RABBIT" TO BRING ON GOOD FORTUNE ON THE FIRST OF THE MONTH. SAY TO THE BUNNY HOP!........HOP! ........HOP! Honoring those that have journeyed on before us, uplifting those ...

Cancer Journey Update from my FB Page

  • By MizK · New reply 6:13 pm
  • Journal · 17 replies
  • Cancer Journey Update Today has been overwhelmingly Awesome! That's how it is with Our God! His power, His loving kindness, His mercy and His grace even sneaks up on me sometimes! Makes me shout Hallelujah ...

AZD9291 - DAY 1 of CYCLE 1 & Beyond

  • By Donna-W · New reply 6:05 pm
  • Discussion in Non-small cell lung cancer - Stage IV · 479 replies
  • On 12/13/10 I was diagnosed with Stage 4 BAC with EGFR 19 POSITIVE mutation and told I had six months to live by my original oncologist which, was a diagnosis I would not accept. I sought a new oncologist ...

Father Too Old for Help?

  • By gwennm · New reply 5:56 pm
  • Discussion in Family members and caregivers · 2 replies
  • My 88 year old father was just given the horrible news that he has lung cancer. I do not know much more than it is not small cell or non-small cell, but a third type. The Pulmonologist said that it is ...

4th Line Chemo on Taxotere

  • By HeliEye · New reply 5:50 pm
  • Discussion in Non-small cell lung cancer - Stage IV · 6 replies
  • As I had my first treatment two weeks ago, I thought it maybe useful to any that maybe going onto Taxotere, for the first, Or, second time. Getting Taxotere, a second time around, was a surprise offer ...

Treatment for enlarged NECK LYMPH NODES

  • By niknakatak · New reply 5:46 pm
  • Discussion in Non-small cell lung cancer - Adenocarcinoma · 2 replies
  • Stage IV LC with neck etc. lymph node involvement (NSCL adeno-carcinoma). No fever, breathing is clear etc. but I've developed a very large, hard lump under my ear/jaw which runs down into the left side ...

Cyberknife for one tumor in rt lung

  • By Sandysiegel · New reply 5:42 pm
  • Discussion in Treatment options · 14 replies
  • Hi Inspire family! I got my scan results yesterday and I have a 9 mm tumor in my LRL it grew 3 mm in the past 6 months. My Dr. Recommends cyberknife and that sounds like a great plan to me. I'm just wondering ...


  • By gardengirlpa · New reply 5:41 pm
  • Discussion in Non-small cell lung cancer - Stage IV · 6 replies
  • I am curious about fatigue. Not treatment associated but fatigue from the cancer itself. I have a pleural effusion which was incompletely drained (2 liters drained but still 1+ remaining). Fluid has returned ...

Anyone on Crizotinib/Xalkori, Ariad's AP261, and LDK/378 (ALK gene) Part 3

  • By matson001 · New reply 5:40 pm
  • Discussion in ALK mutations and lung cancer · 5164 replies
  • I am looking to make contact with people who have the ALK gene and/or are taking Crizotinib, (Xalkori) (PF-1066). I'm also looking to hear about the Ariad Drug, AP26113 and LDK/378. I think this would ...

It Is 2014 World Lung Cancer Day!

  • By TexanDave · New reply 5:31 pm
  • Discussion in Lung cancer in the news · 20 replies
  • I hope that this day will be a strong day and in many ways a start to give this terrible illness a deserved, thought-out and retreating fight. Rome wasn't built in a day but this can be a very meaningful ...

Need input for new trials and Treatments for ALK+

  • By Ikhlaq · New reply 5:27 pm
  • Discussion in Non-small cell lung cancer - Stage IV · 5 replies
  • Hi All, I was just wondering,how many new treatments or trials are going on for ALK+, as most of us or specially I know that Xalkori, then Zykadia, and next May be again chemo? What other trials are going ...

Feeling despondent

  • By Elmos-mum · New reply 5:26 pm
  • Discussion in Small cell lung cancer - Extensive · 7 replies
  • I am normally pretty balanced in my thoughts but since feeling so tired after 3rd carbo/etoposide cycle. I'm experiencing waves of tearfulness and despondent thoughts. the feeling of fear can be so overwhelming ...

Blog Update: Chemo switch up!

  • By designeremily · New reply 5:24 pm
  • Journal · 13 replies
  • They're now giving Burton a combo of Carbo/Alimta, MTX AND Xalkori. Wow! Dr. Gubens wants to hit the cancer hard and fast. We'll have to watch out for side effects - fatigue, etc. Good to see that our ...

My friend Yvonne Baker

  • By Sistersue2 · New reply 5:17 pm
  • Discussion in In memoriam · 4 replies
  • We have lost a great warrior in the fight against lung cancer. She passed away on the morning of July 30. Rest in peace Yvonne. You have fought a good fight. I last saw Yvonne 2 weeks ago at the Huntsman ...


  • By Branastasia · New reply 5:06 pm
  • Discussion in Non-small cell lung cancer - General · 18 replies
  • Welcome Divas and Dudes, Newbies, Caregivers, Loved Ones, Friends and Lurkers. This is a post for all things Tarceva. Yesterday marked one year since I took my first dose of Tarceva. I can’t believe how ...

first Follow up

  • By Rhonda1323 · New reply 5:02 pm
  • Discussion in Non-small cell lung cancer - Adenocarcinoma · 2 replies
  • Can anyone provide feedback on my moms first follow up after Treatment. She completed cisplatin/etoposide 6 week regimen daily and Radiation combined. stage 3b diagnosed in March completed cycle in June ...

Slimesnake Hits It Out of the Park!!!

  • By TexanDave · New reply 4:56 pm
  • Discussion in Lung cancer in the news · 79 replies
  • Folks, Slimesnake (Freddy) brings up a powerfully relevant observation which may some "grist for the mill" in our cause. And Denzie gave an insightful initial comment. Here is the link: ...

No appetite with Stage 4 Non Small Cell Lung Cancer

  • By cosmomisha · New reply 4:54 pm
  • Discussion in Small cell lung cancer - Limited · 2 replies
  • Hi! My mom was diagnosed with non small cell lung cancer in early June. She has declined rapidly the last couple of months. She is now not eating or drinking and sleeps all of the time. She is extremely ...
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