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"Closer to Fine"

  • By Dwindle · New reply 9:20 am
  • Discussion in Hope, friends and humor · 6 replies
  • Dear Inspire Friends, Sometimes, a song seem to speak to me about what might be 'closer' to the truth through the lyrics, images and music. And, when that happens, it can also mean that it gets 'stuck ...

Father In-Law in Amazing health and stage 4 NSLC

  • By Nancy84 · New reply 9:10 am
  • Discussion in Non-small cell lung cancer - Stage IV · 11 replies
  • Hello All, I am new on this website and I am extremely Happy I found it. My father in-law, 75 years old has been diagnosed with stage 4 NSLC last week and the PET scan is set for the following week. They ...

She kissed me full face for the first time since release!

  • By Lovelife8 · New reply 8:53 am
  • Journal · 3 replies
  • I wondered if Ciccia could smell the cancer and the radiation. I noticed the changes, especially after this long hospitalization and separation, The radiation continues. Thnk we all agree that changes ...

Sore Throat Pain

  • By cochran · New reply 8:51 am
  • Discussion in Non-small cell lung cancer - Stage I · 8 replies
  • It has been a little over two months since my surgery for Stage I BAC....Was just wondering if others that have been thru the same have continuous sore throat or like a dry patch in the back of your throat ...

Mayo tomorrow

  • By Terrified1 · New reply 8:51 am
  • Discussion in Small cell lung cancer - General · 10 replies
  • As some of you know there is a possibility I may have a neurological parneoplastic syndrome . I go to mayo tomorrow to find out . Any prayers are appreciated. Thanks ...

CT Results Friday 4th July

  • By HeliEye · New reply 8:49 am
  • Discussion in Non-small cell lung cancer - Adenocarcinoma · 60 replies
  • Hi All I had my CT Scan on the 27th of June, results tomorrow.. This meeting makes me nervous, I've now been off any treatment for 12 weeks, since the 2 weeks on Navelbine failed badly. My cough is worse ...


  • By Mickp · New reply 8:47 am
  • Discussion in Survivor stories · 4 replies
  • Hi it's Mick. For those of you who know me I just finished a PET scan and it's been a full 3 years now on CimaVax. I'm doing great. Working everyday. Still running my business at 67 after stage 4 NSCLC ...

Eye problems from chemo anyone?

  • By VeryIrish1 · New reply 8:45 am
  • Discussion in Non-small cell lung cancer - Stage I · 2 replies
  • Following stage 1 lung cancer in 2013, my cancer returned in the space of the upper left lobe that had been removed and also a start in my liver turning my cancer into stage 4. Today I have my 7th chemo ...

Just sayin'


Calling those battling large cell.

  • By caden · New reply 8:43 am
  • Discussion in Non-small cell lung cancer - Large cell · 104 replies
  • Hello fellow LC survivors who have been diagnosed with Large Cell or are caring for someone who has been diagnosed with it. It seems like if we all just post a hello here, then we can eliminate the tedious ...

Quick help - oncologist today

  • By sjacque1 · New reply 8:39 am
  • Discussion in Help desk · 4 replies
  • What is VATS??? My head is spinning with acronmyns). Someone told me to ask onc about mutations? What is that? I'm NSCNEC Stage 3a, recovering from surgury (6/9/14,) and finnally get to see oncologist ...

Anyone on Crizotinib/Xalkori, Ariad's AP261, and LDK/378 (ALK gene) Part 3

  • By matson001 · New reply 8:23 am
  • Discussion in ALK mutations and lung cancer · 5116 replies
  • I am looking to make contact with people who have the ALK gene and/or are taking Crizotinib, (Xalkori) (PF-1066). I'm also looking to hear about the Ariad Drug, AP26113 and LDK/378. I think this would ...

PH Balancing and Alkaline Diet

  • By ConnieLynnB · New reply 8:18 am
  • Discussion in Survivor stories · 1 reply
  • There has been a lot of information about ph balancing and alkaline diets, but my question is what test have you used to test your ph level? There are several on the market and I am looking to find the ...

One Brain Met Bites the Dust, A New One is Born

  • By Stegre · New reply 8:16 am
  • Discussion in Non-small cell lung cancer - Stage IV · 51 replies
  • Dear Friends, About six weeks ago I had Cyberknife for a small brain met, the first one I've had since the original one at dx which was also treated with Cyberknife in Oct 2012. The good news is, the ...

My Dad joined Heaven

  • By reply2stevejohn · New reply 8:15 am
  • Discussion in Non-small cell lung cancer - Squamous cell · 12 replies
  • Dear All, My Dad who was 73 years finally passed away on 19th July after he was admitted for Lung infection...Sepsis after 3 round of gemcarbo and 5 round abraxene & carboplatin. Chemo was doing great ...

Local hyperthermia to reduce coughing

  • By Bernie3 · New reply 8:13 am
  • Discussion in Non-small cell lung cancer - General · 3 replies
  • Dear fellows I am currently in Germany for an immunotherapy treatment. I had an interesting conversation with Doctors about something, which might benefit other LC patients. They use hyperthermia to reduce ...

ONCLESS But Better Than the ONC FROM HELL!!!

  • By davstar · New reply 7:38 am
  • Discussion in Non-small cell lung cancer - Stage IV · 20 replies
  • Good Morning My Dear Inspire Family, My good friend Maria asked me this morning what the onc said to David to scare him so bad--okay---this is what I told her: Maria---that --- -- a ------ onc told us ...

Pleural effusion

  • By sangoba · New reply 7:37 am
  • Discussion in Help desk · 12 replies
  • My father-in-law (age 72) is suffering from pleural effusion. A total of 3 liters approx of pleural fluid have already been evacuated (via syringe and thoracocentesis). They say he needs to undergo pleurodesis ...

My lung cancer

  • By janeroessner · New reply 6:31 am
  • Journal · 11 replies
  • I have had a ct scan and a pet scan and cancer seems to be isolated to my right lung. I have to be off all of my meds by tomorrow in order to do pulmonary testing on Tuesday. I should be like the walking ...

Olaparib Stomp trial

  • By SJCanavan · New reply 6:17 am
  • Discussion in Small cell lung cancer - General · 9 replies
  • Is anyone on the STOMP trial? My partner will be starting it in a month and it would be nice to know how others are finding it ...
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