Sneezing during pregnancy?

I know this probably sounds like a crazy question/comment to make....but here it goes!
I have awful allergies and have been sneezing all day long recently.

I am worried that this could hurt the baby or somehow cause my bag of waters to break....

DId anyone have similiar worries, or do any of you sneeze often like I do?

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I had horrible allergies while pregnant and got a really bad head cold and sneezed like crazy (in fact one time DH counted and I sneezed 13 times in a row without pause!) and no harm to baby. Though I admit I was worried. The one weird thing though was that I also had a BAD cough and coughed and coughed for almost a month. To this day DD is scared by the sound of a cough and startles to it. Not sure if it is related or not. But no problems with sneezing.

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Funny, I had a bad cold during the 2ww and I wrote my nurse and email saying I was nervous I would jar something loose. She said I was crazy!

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I think sneezing is ok. I've sneezed and coughed from choking on water and thought for sure I would blow my cerclage right out but that hasn't happened. There are some allergy meds that are safe to take while pg. Don't suffer. Talk to your OB and medical doctor about taking something to help you. Allergies are only going to get worse!


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For me, the worries I face when sneezing is whether I can keep my bladder from leaking through the process. Also, I'm getting bloody noses again (large volumes of blood and tiny capillaries). Oh the indignities.


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I agree with Becky...don't suffer. Talk to your OB & see if you can take anything. I had really bad coughing fits in the first trimester -- I just did my best to manage the symptoms with cough drops, humidifier use, Vicks, whatever. I still have a lot of congestion but no more coughing...I just blow my nose incessantly.

I suppose the increased abdominal pressure from coughing or sneezing theoretically could do something but I think it's probably negligible considering how hard one has to actually bear down during labor to get the baby out.

Feel better,
Lisa J in MD

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I don't have sneezy allergies at all, but there were this two days that I pretty much sneezed all day, and would do the machine gun 5 in a row. That was my first inkling that something might be up, and thankfully it was!

I don't think sneezing is harmful to you or baby, and if it's a cold, i've had some friends that have had some nasty colds, and the baby was just fine.

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Thank you! I am glad to hear others had/have the same concerns. Sometimes I am quite sure I have pregnancy induced OCD!

I have being taking Zyrtec- but my allergies are pretty severe so it really just takes the edge I live in the south so spring is in full force!

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Oh, my gosh...I had the same fear when I went into a sneezing fit at work the other day. It just feels so weird that it seems like it might be doing some harm, but everyone I've asked says no.

I ended up cleaning my office, which was soooo dusty (not sure what the cleaning crew comes in to do). I think it worked because I haven't started up again.


Jen J.

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