Pressure in vagina?

Has anyone experienced this? I have been feeling lots of pressure type pain in my private area lately. Is this something I should be concerned about or a sign of cervical issues?
Sometimes the pressure is so much I feel like I need to go the bathroom and push something out!!
Should I call the doctor on this? I am only 15 wks.

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I had it really bad one day and I went to the OB and got an u/s and manual cervical check (oh so fun... OUCH). Turned out her head was wedged down there for some reason making me uncomfortable till she flipped. Better safe that sorry!

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Yes, I would call the doctor and have it checked out. I'm a little further along than you but was recently noticing a "heaviness" or pressure in that area and asked my perinatologist about it at my appt yesterday. She whipped out the ultrasound machine to check on my cervix to make sure it was still good (thankfully, it was). She said those symptoms can be just normal pregnancy symptoms or they can also indicate cervical problems, and she instructed me to call and report any more symptoms like that. Better to be safe than sorry, because if it is cervical problems, they are better off seeing you early and trying to remedy the situation than trying to fix it after things have progressed too far in the wrong direction.

Hopefully, your symptoms are benign like mine, though. I'm sure most of the time things are just fine.

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I started feeling the same thing around 20wks. I had my Dr check me out but it turned out (luckily) to be normal from the baby lying low at that time. Whenever it happens now I either sit down, or lie down if I can, until it goes away.

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I believe I was having some pressure too and thought it was normal. I ended up having cervical issues. I never felt like I wanted to push something out. What I was feeling really felt like it could of been normal from a growing uterus and baby. I wish I had mentioned something earlier. I was also on my feet all day at work. Now that I'm on bedrest, I don't feel any pressure at all. Please call your OB. Hopefully it will turn out to be normal.


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I called my OB on this and the nurse said not to worry unless it's constant or accompanied with cramping..She said to call back if it gets worse or more consistent. I hope everything is ok down there.
I am not feeling it today so I am hoping it was just the baby sitting on my cervix causing all the pressure. When I went for the 12 week scan the tech kept saying, "wow, this baby is low" so apparently I am carrying really low as well which could be contributing.
I will keep you all posted on any changes here...

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I felt it a lot from 13 wks through start of 16 weeks. My mid-wife said it's normal, especially 14-16 weeks as the uterus is getting bigger and bigger but hasn't popped up out of the pelvis yet. That happens in the 16-17 week range.

I'm 16w5d today and this week I've noticed it much less frequently than before (and my belly is definitely getting bigger ...)

My mid-wife said the same thing too about as long as it's not accompanied by anything else (bleeding particularly) that it's a normal pregnancy symptom.

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I had this with my second pregnancy/third child. I had lots of pressure and felt like I needed to push something out. Not painful, just uncomfortable and scary. Mine just turned out to be from all the extra blood flow down there. I ended up with vericose veins down there-eewww! Thank goodness they went away after the baby was born! I would definitely check with your doctor just to rule out any problems, but it is likely something harmless.

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