How do angelcare monitors work?

I know how the monitors "work"--but how do they sense the babys movement? Does anyone know? I emailed the company directly as I'd like to purchase one but I haven't heard back from them. I'm sure it's safe but I'd like to be positive that we all won't hear in ten years that they are just finding out that these monitors have some long term negative effect on our LO's .Also my crib base is metal, I guess spring based that would mean I need to put a sheet of plywood under the mattress for the sensor pad to sit level??

Thanks paraniod mommy(as my lovely DH puts it) of almost 4 month old---Andrea

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They have a sensor pad that you place underneath the crib mattress and it detects your baby's breathing/movements that way. However, if your child ends up in a corner of the crib, it might set off a false alarm at 4am. After our DD turned 1, we got tired of that happening. So we turned off the sensor pad and now can just hear her when she cries or wakes up. The pad is just really sensitive and you can try to adjust the sensitivity but it kept doing it for us.

That being said, it's still a really good monitor and I'd rather have a false alarm than it not go off at all and something really is wrong. Hope that answered your question. :)

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We used the BabySense monitor which is similar to the Angelcare. There were two sensor pads that we put under DD's mattress which was on a piece of plywood since we, too, had springs. The pads have very sensitive sensors that can detect movement in the mattress, even the tiny movements due to an infant breathing. Our former neighbors work for a company that makes sensors, and the husband was telling me that they can make incredibly sensitive sensors that can detect a snowflake landing on it. Our monitor was battery operated, and there were wires that led from the sensor pads to the alarm box. I, too, was concerned about possible long term effects, but I honestly think that the wireless monitors (and I do have a camera monitor), wireless internet, cell phones, etc., are probably more harmful than the movement monitors.

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The pad is hinged somehow (I can't describe it) so when you push on it the surface will move one way or another. I'm guessing that the movement mechanically completes some sort of electrical circuit, which sends a signal to the base unit through this long wire. If the unit does not detect movement for 20 seconds, it lets off an alarm. I very highly doubt there is any radiation or anything to be concerned about. The only thing you ought to be concerned about is when your DD gets old enough to reach through the sides of the crib and pull on the wires. There are wires linking the pad to the monitoring unit, and wires from the monitoring unit to the electrical outlet. My DS managed to pull the monitor into his crib, and was playing with the wires when I found him! After that I was very careful to tuck everything far far far away from him. We wind the wires around the legs of his crib so they are close to the ground, and inaccessible to little hands reaching out of the crib. I also push the monitor far from him.

The key to making the angelcare monitor work is to set it at the LOWEST level of sensitivity. It is not intuitive. This means that the unit requires a lot of movement (breathing, moving baby) to complete the circuit, and won't be triggered by tiny movements like your washing machine going on downstairs. When your baby starts to sleep more soundly, you need to increase the sensitivity so that it can start detecting little breathing motions.

Now that DS is one, and after one 3am false alarm that kept him up for TWO hours, we took out the sensor pad. We just use the monitor as a sound monitor, and keep it far far from the bed. This way also there are no wires running anywhere near his crib.

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ps. that is, the lowest level of sensitivity that will still work. So set your baby on the crib and turn on the monitor. If it beeps, then the sensitiviity is too low. Then take the baby out of the crib. If it doesn't beep, then the sensitivity is too high.

We always kept it to about the middle setting. No idea if that was the best thing to do but DS is 1 now so we don't need it anymore, and that worked for a year!

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Thank you for all your input,just ordered one from target

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