Baby's stomach measuring 2weeks behind

hi girls,
I have a question. I had an ultrasound today and I have been told -again- that baby's stomach measures 2 weeks behind. In the 26 percentile. She weighs 1100g for 29weeks3d. The lady who did the ultrasound said my baby's stomach is small but ok because she is growing but I am sick worried. I started googling iugr but had to stop. Were any of you told the same thing and baby was ok? thanks. Norah.

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Yes! I received the same news when I was pregnant with my twin girls. They are now very healthy, active, 16 mo olds with normal (maybe even a bit chubby) tummies. It was awhile ago so I do not remember the exact percentiles but both of their stomachs measured small and were significantly behind their other measurements. They were 6 weeks premature (but not because of their stomach size) and their stomach size was never an issue. Based on the way they eat now I would say their tummies have caught up with the rest of them.

My doctors never seemed too concerned and I never received a good answer on the cause of the size difference between their stomachs and the rest of their body. Take care!

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A little bit different issue but my sons head was 2 weeks ahead of sched. I had horrible visions of delivering the alien baby but he arrived with a very large cone head and is now a healthy 10 mo old.
I know it is unsettling but keep in mind that the u/s are just averages and if they are not worried that is a great sign.

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I'm sorry, I don't have any advice. I haven't had an u/s since 19w. I would love to have another so I know what is going on. I'm measuring ahead, so I want to know what she is doing in there. How did you get an u/s at 29w?


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Thank you all!!
Erin, I had a 29w3d u/s because I had zero point seven amniotic fluid (my understanding is it should be around 8 to 18) when I was around 25w. So they wanted to monitor the baby and water increase closely. I spent 6w at the hospital (also for other
issues) so I had u/s every 10days.

imyrtle, yes, I have vision of delivering my baby with huge head and a tiny abdomen :(

thanks doscorpios! I will cling to that.

Thanks a lot you'all

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