36 weeks pregnant weird egg white yellowish gooey discharge...

I woke up this morning and I have (had all day) this gooey yellowish egg white discharge coming out. I'll be 37 weeks on Tuesday (8-31-10) and I'm 2cm dilated as of Wednesday (8-25-10). Is this ok or should I go to the Hospital????

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Sounds like possible bits of mucus plug......mine was clear.....I would call your ob/dr to see if they want you to go in......if it is your plug a person can cont to loose it for days/wks
...almost time :)


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Well a week ago I think I already lost my plug bt it was a thick purpleish color and it came out for 3days. now I have a gooey egg white discharge that is completely different it has no smell and the first stuff smelled really bad! I'm freaking out and waiting on the doctors call. I called him a half hour ago but he may be in delivery the say.

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I've had white/yellowish discharge for quite a few weeks now and no labor signs - so I am not sure if it is a positive indicator of labor but if this is new for you it could not hurt to make a quick phone call to an advice nurse.


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I too am part of the yellowish discharge club!! I'm 28 weeks and have had it for a couple of weeks now. It's very unnerving, but my doctor seems to think it's okay and a normal part of pregnancy. I'm seen on a weekly basis and my cervix is closed and fluid level good...so I guess I just need to trust their expertise. I lost my mucus plug with my twins 2 days before they were born at 27 weeks. I didn't realize what it was when it happened then and still feel guilty for not calling my doctor when it occured. It was a bigger and thicker amount though and had some blood in it. DIfferent from what the yellowish stuff we're talking about. I'd encourage you to call your doctor though and see what he says. Good luck!!
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That is the discharge right before going into labor!! I bet you go into labor tomorrow...yipee!

Good luck!

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I started having that discharge yesterday and I was SURE I was losing my mucus plug! I called the nurse and she said probably not and that she thinks it is just normal discharge for this stage. She said if there is no blood in it then not to worry and it is probably just a result of all the extra pressure on my cervix.

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