What's good for inflammation when you can't take ibuprofen?

Hello All~

I have calcium pyrophosphate crystal deposition disease (Psuedogout) and also only one kidney. Psuedogout is where microscopic calicum pyrophosphate crystals form in the fluid around your joints and poke poke poke at the tissue causing inflammation. Mine is hereditary and there is no cure. It is not like true gout which can be eased by diet. Before my nephrectomy I could take ibuprofen, which helped. After nephrectomy my nephrologist said no ibuprofen.

There's a medicine, colchicine, that is prescribed for gout, but I've read that it's not so good for the kidneys. Also, I've read opinions saying that it's not effective for psuedogout.

Any suggestions?

I take fish oil and recently doubled the amount but it doesn't seem to help. My naturopath suggested cod liver oil, but I think that might be high in phosphorus, which my nephrologist said to avoid. (I have a chart that shows cod as the fish with the most phosphorus and liver is way off the chart with phosphorous.)

I've left two messages with my nephrologist's assistant asking him this very question, but he has not responded. I guess I'll write a note to my nephrologist. I think the problem is the assistant, not the doctor. It's set up so I can't call the doctor directly. He was adament that I check with him if I start any new medicine or supplement--so I can't imagine he's ignoring me. I hope my faith isn't misguided.

I'm having my knees drained and getting cortisone injections in a few weeks which will help, but my fingers, toes, and elbows also have begun to hurt. I also have a lot of muscle soreness that's gotten worse recently--left over from my adrenal problems, I think.

Tylenol helped with the muscle aches, but my liver enzymes have been elevated a few times the last couple of years, and I don't want to take it because of possible adverse effects on the liver. Maybe I'm being pessimistic--wondering what will go wrong next.

Well, I wait with bated breath for your answers.


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Hi Susanrae, I am still sorta new with this web-sight and the health issues I have. The kidney doc says I have uric acid in my blood and urine. I've had blood in my urine for a while now ,I first noticed little bubbles in my urine(sorry dont mean to be so blunt)The doc says its kinda like gout But I dont have gout. After I read your entry I had never heard it called that before. Sounds like what I have. I am taking ULORIC right now. seems to help, But I have * A LOT OF PAIN * I use to take tylenol but labs showed my enzymes were elevated so my P.C.doc said to lay off the tylenol. When I take Ibuprofen I feel better in the joints but my stomach is upset. Ok It's late here and I too could write a book without trying. I will explain more tomorrow and the "other list" I cant be falling apart just yet I am only 52 !! I cant imange what I will feel like when 62 or oh cant even think about 20 years from now. later... Touchmenot

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