what is the function percentage of healthy kidneys

Please answer what is the function percentage of healthy kidneys without any problem.
Is it
100% Lk and 100% RK.
I hope someone will reply .

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I am not sure I can help you with your questions but I have kidney damage in both of my kidneys and have about 35-40% kidney function left. I am not on any medication or treatment at this time. The only thing my doctor asks me to do is drink 64 oz of water a day. I get my CBC blood drawn once a month to check my hemoglobin, creatinine and bun. At present my creatinine ranges from 1.8 to 2.4. I have tiny micro blood clots in both kidneys from taking cancer medication. I had a kidney biopsy last year to confirm this.

If your son or daughter has chronic kidney disease than his/her fluid might be restricted. There may be structural complications in the left kidney that would result in consideration of the right kidney.

The outlook for children with kidney disease has improved greatly in the last 30 years, in both quality of life and long-term outcomes
Early diagnosis of kidney disease decreases life-threatening complications, boost healthy development and may delay the disease’s progression. Write down your child’s medical history so that you have the information ready whenever you need it, such as when you are meeting with a physician or other health care professional for the first time. You can also use the information to do more research on your child’s condition.

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Thanks Patti atleast someone replied.Actually i am worried about my son who is just 3 yeras old and has kidney problem in both of his kidneys.His left is 46% and right 54%.Doctors asked me to give him plenty of water.He is having this problem from birth.He took antibiotics for first 2 years of his life to avoid infection but now not taking any medicines.
I am very much concerned how he will manage his entire life ..with this much percentage if 100% and 100% is for both healthy kidneys.
Do you know why doctors suggest giving him plenty of water?How it helps in kidney function or what is its role for kidneys?
Anyways thanks for your other suggestions like writing down his medical history.

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Oh so sorry to hear your son has less than 100% of kidney funtion left in both kidneys since he is only 3 yrs old. Kidneys are very important to our health. When blood flows through the kidneys, waste products and extra water are removed from the blood and sent to the bladder as urine. The kidneys also regulate blood pressure, balance chemicals like sodium and potassium, and make hormones to help bones grow and keep the blood healthy by making new red blood cells. It is important for your son to drink at least 45 oz of of water a day because you don't want him to dehydrate. Dehydration occurs when the amount of water leaving his body is greater than the amount being taken in. Did his doctor tell you how much he should drink? They say water heals the kidneys too in time. Say if he weighs 40 lbs he should drink 45 oz, or if he weighs 50 lbs drink 50 oz. For a 3 yr old not sure of his weight but I am following a chart on line that tells you how many ozs of water he should drink.

What type of kidney function does your son have? Hemolytic uremic syndrome or Nephrotic Syndrome or other?

Fluid regulates your body’s temperature through perspiration, the kidney removes waste via urine and carries nutrients and other substances throughout the body. Fresh supplies of fluid are needed every day to replenish the lost fluid, Your son should stay away from fruit juices if there is too much sugar, cola's with caffeine. Drinking anything with caffeine can dehydrate your son even faster. With my kidney disease I suffer from terrible calf, neck and toe cramps when my creatinine is too high.

There is a really good website that you should check out called. www.kidshealth.org talks about childhood kidney diseases so you may get a better understanding of your child's health. Good luck

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Thanks patti for your concern and advice.Yes my son has bilateral hydronephrosis since from his birth and it is Congenital(his father had kidney problem too).I am not sure what type it is as doctors never mentioned it.He has no obstruction and no reflux but the kidney function is low since he was in my womb. I keep worrying about him all the time.Doctor asked me to give him plenty of water like 39 oz or so but i am giving him only 20 oz as i am a single parent and working .But i will try my best to increase the amount of water for him(though i dont have that much time) as i am very much motivated from your answers above .If i add milk as well in addition to the intake of water than it gets around 32 oz or so per day.
Is it OK if i am counting milk as fluid intake to prevent dehydration ?
Doctors said that they will observe him till he is 5 years of age and some kids outgrow the problem.Its been 3 years and my son status is almost the same a little bit improved in the beginning.However doctors says that he is making 100% if they add both kidney function i.e.(46+54) so it is OK even he is as this much function whole his life but it shouldn't be less than this.
Do you think that if i give him plenty of water than his kidney problem may go away?

How do i check that what type of kidney function he has?Should i ask the doctor as there is nothing mentioned in his reports.

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Blood tests are performed once a month by my kidney doctor. You should keep a copy of his lab work so you can see how he is doing over time. I keep all mine. He will check his hemoglobin, creatinine, bun GFR. Not sure about milk so you can check with your doctor. Is your son on any medication now? I just found out I have to start a dose of predisnone. Not happy about this as I am in the process of moving out of state with my husband. Things never work out the way you hope and plan for something.

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Hi Patti, thank you so much for the information .I am scheduled for his blodd test next month but doctor told me that kids doesn't need to get tested every month as there kidney function doesn't get low so faster as adults.
No he is not on any medication right now infact i dont think that there are any medicines for Kidney problem yet in medical science.Its just we are taking further precautions but medicines are not curing or increasing the kidney function.

Thanks once again and i wish you a better and complete recoverey.God bless you

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