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Does anyone know of a link or website that gives a list of medications to avoid with kidney disease? I know there are certain over the counter drugs to avoid but can't find the list anywhere. My doctor didn't discuss this in detail so I'd like to do some research before talking with him about it.

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I don't know of any specific list. I just know that you can't take any medications that have to filtered through the kidneys, unless they are designed to have a positive impact on the kidneys (like Lisinopril). I know you should never take ibuprofen or any of the heavier cold medicines like Nyquil. When in doubt--ask your nephrologist. Most medicines that are 100% herbal are fine, but again you have to check. Also, the danger is not just that certain medincines can impact the kidneys, but that that they can interact with other medications that you may be on.

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Hi, here is a link to the National Kidney Foundation discussing herbs for kidney patients. Some herbs, such as ones that act as diuretics can be bad for the kidney. Some also may contain minerals (like potassium) which are not recommended for kidney patients. In general NSAIDs (ie Ibuprofin), Celebrex, and some other pain meds should be avoided. Definitely confirm with your doctor and some medicines have the package insert or box warnings that will say something like "Don't use if you have kidney disease, etc..." I always read those before taking anything.

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I have to thank you guys, I struggle to keep my kidney levels where they are, as if they drop two far there is no known cure for me. My oral surgeon wanted me to take 2 Motrin every six hours for 2 weeks straight. Not sure if Motrin was one of the restricted drugs I told him I had kidney disease and he was like that's OK. I read your post that morning and said hmmm, don't think so. Called my nephro and he was like hell NO! First of all was it not only taking some motrin for a headache but this would have been twice the dose for an extended period of time. Called my dentists who has known me for 20 years and runs the pracrice my orall surgeon is out of. I exspressed my concern and wanted to know do I take it anyway? He was like no way. He also will not let the oral surgeon even so much as consult with me unless he is there to act as patient advocate. From one dumb doctor to one caring compassionate doc.

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