Kidneys? hyperaldo? I don't know.

My story is long. I will start from the beginning and try not to bore you. I had my daughter in 2004. After pregnancy I had problems with my thyroid. That resolved due to enlarged goiter from pregnancy.

2006- palpitations, chest pain, low potassium. Several ER visits. EKG said inverted T waves.

2007- I would have events where I felt like I couldn't breathe at work. I would almost fall to the ground and "be white" my boss said. I went to the ER and my potassium was low. 3.2.

2008- I started feeling incredibly worse. HIgh BP. weight gain, fatigue, headaches. I was started on Potassium. Got tired of taking it. Quit. Ended up in ambulance in an ER with a 2.9 potassium level.

Got referral to Mayo. uneventful and unhelpful. THey found my renin to be high and my aldosterone. Osomolality was low in urine. Potassium low after leaving mayo clinic of 2.7 and a PH of 7.56. I should have been dead. They told me I hyperventilated and sent me on my way.

2009. Saw Iowas city nephrologist. SHe did aldosterone urine. It was high. She put me in the hospital to do saline salt infusion test. I chickened out and got kicked out of U.

2010. saw internal medicine. she did repeat of Aldosterone urine. High. SHe wanted to start Spiro. Me, unconvinced that this is primary hyperaldo. I went back to mayo. He said he thinks it's SECONDARY hyperaldo. if that is the case then, don't I need to know what that is? Because that clearly indicates that this is some abnormality of the kidney?

I've started losartan. Hate it. Worst drug ever. I am at a loss of what to do. I have tried the sprio and it bottoms out my BP. I can't take as directed or the losartan. I have told the doctors this. One fired me. One thinks I'm just depressed. I'm really tired of all of their bullshit comments. THis is not depression. This is called frustration and concern. Totally sick of the doctors. Totally. What do I do??????????????????????

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CT- negative
MRI of adrenals negative

DO I need another test? Am I missing something? Help.

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