Finally a multivitamin for people with Kidney Disease!

Hello All,
I was recently given information on a new cost-effective multivitamin, the first one for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease. I thought I'd share the info, as it has the right combination of nutrients needed for kidney disease (for example NO PHOSPHOROUS!) and complies with the guidelines of the National Kidney Foundation. Check it's actually contains Omega 3 (fish oil) so is good for the heart. In my opinion it's great for our needs:
Use this discount code given to me: NE122

I'm telling all of my friends, and family who have or know people with CKD or heart disease, it can help a lot of us!


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Do you have kidney disease, or are you a spammer?
Please check with your neph before taking any kind of vitamin.

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Definitely not a spammer! About a year ago I had a scare with glomerulonephritis and had other kidney complications after the biopsy was done. So, I have seen a nephrologist regularly and had been taking some multivitamins besides meds (ie steroids), but one vitamin in particular had vitamin A and phosphorous, which are not beneficial for us. The product was just launched apparently and I was informed about it by a nephrologist. I further researched it and liked what I's good to share info if it may help someone else :) but always do your own research.

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Thanks for sharing and welcome!

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Thanks for the welcome! I was happy to have found this type of site, where there seems to be a lot of support and it's nice knowing we can still live healthy, fulfilled lives :) We should share with each other tips that can keep us afloat!

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Have you checked with your Nutritionist? I had asked if I should switch to that from Nephrocaps and was told that I am getting what I need already. She mentioned that there are some thingss in Prorenal that are not measured as critically as the Nephrocaps. Each case is different, so do check with your Nutritionist.

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Thank you for the information.

I have VHL and have had two partial nephrectomies last year. My kidneys are functioning but I asked my doctor if ProRenal would be right for me?

I took him a copy of ProRenal Info for Health Professionals and he said, "Yes".

I have posted this with VHL Family Alliance so others with VHL can discuss it with their doctor(s).

Thank you!

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