Possible frozen knee.... Please respond

I had a partial knee replacement on Feb 19th... I was discharged from the hospital two day later & my surgeon didn't think I would need in home PT... I was on blood thinning medicine which I had a severe reaction to & had disabling headaches so I wasn't moving my knee like I was suppose to... They took me off the medicine & my headaches got better... We started trying to move my knee & still couldn't get it going so I called my surgeons office to get an order for PT & started right away... I have been able to strengthen my knee cap so I'm off the walker & cane but we can only get my knee bent 55 degrees & it hasn't changed in the 2 1/2 weeks I've been going. They are starting to think it's frozen.... Has anyone had this happen to them... I'm scared & frustrated & the pain is horrible because I'm trying so hard to get this bent... Any advice or someone who's had this happen would be greatly appreciated...
I have a call into my surgeons office now but it takes a while for anyone to get back to me!
Thanks in advance....

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I cannot imagine what that surgeon was thinking in not prescribing physical therapy for you. I only saw a patient when I was in rehab & she had a frozen knee & they had to go back in I think, & surgically get it to bend. I had total knee so I got to go to rehab for 3 weeks. Hope you get more responses here with more.

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Thanks for they reply... I was starting to think I was doing something wrong.
Yes, my whole family is furious that my surgeon didn't have PT come to my home... He told them the surgery went so well I would be able to do it on my own.
As of Monday we've got my ROM to 68 degrees which isn't good but there was some improvement.
My surgeon told me that if it wasn't to 90 degrees by April 14th they were going to put me to sleep & manipulate it them selves... I'm hoping it doesn't come to that, but at this point I just want it done... It's extremely painful because I'm constantly working it & I can only get so far...
My only concern is how painful is it going to be if they do this procedure. I know they put you to sleep, but they force your knee to bend when it hasn't been bending on it's own... I would assume that would be extremely painful..
Anyway, thanks for the reply! Just really frustrated!

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Hi Nicole,

I also had a partial lateral knee replacement in Jan 2010. I am 46 yrs old.

Has your ROM improved since your last post?
Rehab is no fun for sure. I hope you have made progress since March. Was your partial medial or lateral?

Take care,

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Some of these surgeons just want the money from the surgery. I have one of those. Can't change now because I am on medical and he has the "case". They won't let me change boats in the middle of the stream. He sent me home without blood thinner or therapy and when I told him I couldn't feel my leg for three days he told me to consider myself fortunate. When I found myself in horrible pain after the nerve block wore off, he told me it was Sciatica and I didn't need to come in to see him, but go see a Chiropractor. The Chiropractor discovered that I had major Deep Vein Thrombosis and sent me to the hospital immediately. I had a clot from my groin to mid calf and no follow up from my surgeon. Of course it wasn't a replacement, but repair from a torn missiscus (sp?) but a lousy surgeon is a lousy surgeon.

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