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I saw my rheumatologist yesterday, and he confirmed I have RA. He told me I have a less severe form called seronegative RA. I have all the physical signs of RA, but the only elevated blood marker was inflammation. He also said my reaction to the steroids were consistent with how RA responds to steroids. He is starting me on 1 injection of methotrexate for 6 weeks, then I go back for labs, and drug increase if needed. Said I probably wouldn't see a difference for about 6 weeks. He also said that at some point I could become seropositive, or I could go into remission, but he has good results with the methotrexate. The possibility of feeling normal again is exciting!!!!!

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I, also, have just been diagnosed with seronegative RA and prescribed Methotrexate tablets (4/week) and told to come back in 6 weeks. I was given predisone which helped some with swellig of fingers until the two week dose ended. Has anyone been treated initially with a drug other than methotrexate? I have taken a nsaid daily for years for OA.

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I'm taking prednisone also. It made me sick, and I got a shot of steroid, and I felt better, so he told to try to try the prednisone again, and if I still can't tolerate it, to come back for another shot. He said they limit the shots to 3 a year, so I kinda want to keep those in reserve in case I hit another rough spot. My Dr. said that he always starts with Methotrexate, but if it doesn't work there are other options, but are more expensive, any many insurance co, want to start with the lees expensive route.

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A diagnosis is good! I have Still's Disease, which is essentially RA and is treated like RA. I didn't notice a difference with methotrexate, but it is very effective for a lot of people. I hope you continue to improve!

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doctors here in Idaho do not want their patients using prednisone for any long term time. It effects the bone. But on the other hand their are wanting to give the steroid shots every 6 months. strange how it is so diff. with docs.

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I don't know how long I will be on prednisone, but my dr. said since it takes a while to notice the effects of Methotrexate, that prednisone can give the best relief. I think the shot worked better though, but not sure why. I'm just glad that I found this dr. cause my gp said I would have to suck it up, and live with it. After seeing her that day, and all the pain I had, I honestly thought about pulling out in front of a semi, or driving off a bridge, cause I couldn't see living that way it was that bad. Luckily I went home because I couldn't just leave this would, cause of my dogs, and then my mom got me a appt at the arthritis center. So someone was looking out for me that day. BTW I will never go back to that GP again!!!

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Hi Igray,

I'm so glad you got a diagnosis. I think it's much easier to fight something that you have a name for. I'm answering your question about other meds. I was put on prednisone and methotrexate first. The metho did take a few weeks to work but I felt a lot better when it did. :) I was on that mix for about a year, 5mg pred (higher for flairs) and I got up to the max for metho. Unfortunately I'm really sensitive to meds and the metho became toxic to me. I had some hair loss but I have very thick hair so I was actually glad! But when my fingernails started to seperate from my nailbeds I had to go off it. Now I'm still on the pred but I take 20mg of lefludimide for the RA. It works pretty well, but not as good as the metho. My Rheumy said that this is it for oral meds, if this stops working I start the injectables.

I'd love to get off the pred, but every time I try I get a flair. Do any of you have any tips regarding that? Thanks and good luck Igray!

Take care,

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