Euflexxa HA injections for knee

My rheumy is suggesting this for my knee, anyone have any experience with Euflexxa injections?

I had synvisc some years back and did NOT help...

These are hylaronic acid solutions.**There are also HA capsules one can take and I've taken them from time to time and think I'll get some again.**

Here are some comments on Euflexxa:

EUFLEXXA is a high purity hyaluronan, also called hyaluronic acid (HA) or sodium hyaluronate. HA is the natural substance found in the fluid that surrounds a healthy knee joint and helps cushion, lubricate, and protect the knee as you move throughout the day. You should not receive treatment with EUFLEXXA if you have: A known allergy to hyaluronate preparations, or knee joint infections, infections or skin disease in the area of the injection site.

While some people experience pain relief after the first injection of EUFLEXXA, most patients experience significant relief after the third (last) weekly injection. You can expect months of pain relief from EUFLEXXA, although the duration of relief will vary from person to person.

I would suggest that you visit a orthopaedician to rule out contraindications or side effects to this treatment.

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No idea, but I also have an active interest... so I'll be following this in case anyone comes up with anything...

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I had Euflexxa injections in my hip. While this is an off label use, they were very helpful, lasting around 5 months. The pain was reduced by about 60-70%. I can't wait until January when I can have them again.

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In the hip, very interesting!!!!! Thanks for replies, my doc will give me more info end of week on my copay, etc...I have straight medicare and pay my own copays.....thanks...again. jam

PS: I've taken HA caps over the years but not taking any now....Maybe I need to also buy some more HA high quality caps and take them as I have issue over a lot of my body....

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Designer: Does a rheumy do these injections for you? What part of the world do you reside in. I'm in So. Cal....just wondering.

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orthopaedic doc does these with the assist. of flouroscopy

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I had this done. It is a series of 3 injections. The outcome: NO PAIN. I mean's wonderful!!!! You know, you know, there's gonna be a catch. Yuppers there is. The first one was excrutiatingly painful to the point that I wept. I really had to charge myself up for #2 but while it hurt...I didn't cry. By the time for # 3, I was already feeling some relief and though it did hurt more than my usual knee shot, it wasn't bad at all. Within 7-10 days it was as if my knee was renewed. No aches, no weakness, NO PAIN!!!!! I am now...several months out and it's still working. Would I do it again??? Does it mean no surgery??? You bet.

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VAC: Thanks for your blow by blow.....glad it's working for you.

Did a rheumy or orthopedic do yours? When I had synvisc done a few years ago, an ortho did it, and it didn't help, I stopped at 2 rounds as I didn't feel it was helping at all. My rheumy suggested the HA injections....we shall see. jams

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Did anyone use Medicare for these injections and without hitches? My rheumy who is a one person practice is finding that Medicare wants me to use a prescription for the solution and go from there. I don't have Pres D insurance. I have straight medicare and pay my copays as needed.

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My rheum did it; you should have had the's really what sealed the deal. The minor amount of relief I felt approaching # 3 was not sufficient for me to stop. I had to trust that since a felt a weensy little bit, the full course would bring more. I (tbh) never expected to be pain free like I am.

I had to pay a copay for each of the 3 visits. The shots are given on a weekly basis. You cannot have any scratches or scabs etc near the injection site.

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thanks for the info,im going to try this ,ill let you know if it helps me,have tried synvics helped a little,but not much

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The synvisc didn't help me either, but I did only 2 sessions of injections....since I wasn't getting relief, I stopped, copays were rising!!!!

These injections are both hylaronic acid (HA) but being from different producers perhaps the Euflexxa COULD help more....

I have an appt with ortho doc for 12/20 but still thinking on it.

I use castor oil on my knee when I think about, it's messy, but does help with the ACE on the warm oils.

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I also take fish oil caplets on the advice of my rheum. as well as glucosamine (which he claims does nothing but oh well) I also take folic acid and D3. If you have bleeding issues or are on coumadin then the fish oil isn't good. Oh and I try and have either cherries or blueberries 2x a day. Anything I can do to reduce inflammation is worth a try in my book. I am allergic to most anti-inflammatories; I can use tylenol but that's about it.

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Any idea what the actual cost is of the three Euflexxa injections? For someone without Insurance of any kind...? It sounds like god's gift to knees – apart from the screaming pain...
And a question about that initial injection...How long did that pain last?

As for glucosamine... yes, I've read recent reports that have found that it adds little or nothing to the Chondroitin (or is it the other way around? they usually come togther in one capsule)

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That initial pain lasted about 30 minutes...then it was tolerable...once I got it frozen lol(ice packs). No idea of the cost; that seems to vary from geographic area, anyhow. You may want to call and ask. Also I would ask if they had any assistance program. I would also check the Euflexxa webby to see what they could do. Synvisc and Euflex are similar but not the same since Euflex is NON avian.

A study from 2007 between the two:

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Since I have medicare, it's a godsend....there is good to being OLD... Looking at the old synvisc charges, they charge as high as they want to and Medicare approves so much, medicare has a schedule for everything.....Do call and ask what the charges are for no insurance person.

I too take FO and lots of other natural stuff for joints...just went back on MaxiLife II collagen.

I heard a long time ago glucosomine does not help, but I still take it....I buy the liquid by Now tastes good.

I've gone the cherry route....

I use tons of topicals and ice and heat and limit my activities big time....good thing I had a good life before 65.....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....

And also use a knee suipport, ankle support and back support....I'm one big support....hard to believe it's come to this....

And all got worse since hip replacement 13 months ago.....jam

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HI just had my first injection of uflexxa,did not hurt at all,looking foward to next two weeks an hope for good results,ill keep you all posted on how it goes

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Oh I am SO glad you didn't hurt like I did :) YAY!

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golfnut, good....keep us posed on results.

I'm scheduled for my first round on 12/20....we shall's hoping....jam

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I got my first series today and it did NOT hurt. I will do the 3 sessions as I did only the 2 sessions of synvisc and quit 3 yrs ago. Did not think it was helping.

Today, doc says it can take up to 4-6 weeks even after the series is done to feel results....I don't know what to think. They charge the medical world so much for these injections too. He was NOT greatly encouraging that they would help, maybe 40-50% chance, I guess that's better than no chance....we shall see.

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