Do any of you have bulging discs? Unbearable joint pain?

Do any of you have bulging discs in every one of the discs in the lumbar area and also into the sacral area? I just found out I have them all the way down. I had so many questions for my doctor that I forgot to ask him if it was from an injury I had and didn't know about or if it is from the arthritis. It's hard to believe its from trauma because I really haven't had any between the time of the last MRI. I have fallen down twice but landed on my hip once then on my knee the other time. Just how hard of a fall due you have to have to cause this much of an extensive injury. He said one area is right next to the nerve root and all the others are close. I have a form of arthritis that they call auto immune arthritis which basically means they just haven't figured out what one it is RA ext...They think it's RA but my blood work says no. I do have a positive ANA but have two other autoimmune diseases so who knows. I do know the pain is unbearable! I can't sleep and it even hurts to stand or sit. The only think that helps the back pain part is laying down. As you all know with arthritis in your hips that's not always an option. What are they going to do and when is the list of problems ever going to end? Crohn's, arthritis, ITP, fibromyalgia and it keeps going form there. This sucks! Thank you all for letting me vent! I feel a bit better now. :) I am also happy for what I do have because it could be soooo much worse. I just needed to let off some steam. My sisters here from out of state and she doesn't understand. She thinks I'm lazy. Ha I wish that was the problem.

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I'm right there with you Kristy! I don't have as many bulging disks as you, but I do have constant, severe pain from L-4 down through (and including) the sacroiliac joint. Not to mention all my other joints.

People that have never felt this type of pain cannot relate; and since there are not always outward signs of the problems and pain we experience, most "outsiders" think we are lazy or exagerrating (or both).

Sending happy thoughts to let you know you are not alone.

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Do you know why you have this problem? I'm very concerned because I don't remember having any trauma and didn't just feel this pain over night. That's what worries me. I keep feeling like I have kidney infections and now I know why I never test positive for them. It has been the back pain all along. I have severe pain in my upper back as well. We haven't made it that far but they will be doing an MRI there after addressing the low back and tail bone pain. I tell you what, it hurts to sit or stand. Does your pain go into your hips and do you have tingling or ever feel like ants are crawling on your feel and legs? It is so strange to look down and noting be there. Thanks for you reply.

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I had pain in my legs when I walked and could not walk more than a few yards without stopping and was diagnosed with a lumbar canal stenosis which means the vertebrae were pinching the spinal column. The three surgeons I saw after my MRI said surgery was the only answer. I was 84 and I had had three spinal surgeries when i was a young woman and was fairly cured most of my life. I was lucky to meet a Dr who does acupressure and within 7 months I walked without pain and since then I am ok. I still go to her three times a week now and she keeps me fit, what with all the other things that happen to an "old" body of someone who didn't take good care most of my life. I live in Pune, India but you might investigate this method.

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Hi Kristy,

I feel for you and feel like you!! No one knows how much pain your in and it is and your so right where you are only comfortable in one or two positions and not comfortable for that long in those as well.

I had my MRI just 6 months ago and they found I had three blown discs in my lumbar...I forget the ones L3, L5, s1 or something like that. I also had a couple of falls in the past year or two. most recently I had fallen last February and twisted my back and landed on my left knee tearing the meniscus twisting my back as well as popping out 2 ribs out of the back of the spine....this wasn't pleasant, also needing an operation on my knee, It seemed after this point where I had developed a more noticeable pain in my back, hips area. After the surgery on my knee I had sever pain in my back when using the crutches which initiated the MRI.

Not only the bulging discs but they also found I had arthritis in my spine and degenerative disc disease as well...OH JOY!! On top of the fibromyalgia, polymyalgia, treating me for lyme disease, and injuries from a prior terrible motorcycle accident that I live with daily.

I had my first two shots in my spine 3 months ago and received about 2 -3 weeks of relief and just two weeks ago they gave me 2 shots on each side in my spine and that lasted maybe a day or two and right back to the screaming pain in my lower back. Luckily I have pain pills from my Fibro which takes the edge off for a few hour at a time but his is a crappy quality of life.

I also have been getting some "sharp" pins and needles" type of pain in the bottom of my feet on occasion and in both legs, hip area, more so in the upper thigh to knee area in the front. Just a few weeks ago I had constant pins and needles in my right leg and the needling feeling was stopped but so has the feeling in that part of the leg, I run my fingers along it and no feeling whatsoever.

One time it felt like boiling hot water was poured on my leg and I thought I might have done something to it and when I looked there was nothing there other than that strange feeling.

Currently waiting to see my Neurologist and see what he finds!! I'm not sure and the DRs aren't as well as to what could have caused the discs but with the DDD they say I will run into trouble later in life with my spine. I can't even imagine!

Good luck with your back and take it easy -- Heating pads on my lumbar help allot as well as my mattress. We purchased a sleep number and it really helps w/ my back and the fibro. Hopefully your sister will understand how you feel and maybe help out with what she can!!
May find peace soon,

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My mother in law is into acupressure and acupuncture. I'll talk to her about a good place to go. I'm willing to try anything right now. Thank you so much for your reply.

You've been through the ringer as well. I got out of the ICU about 2 hours ago. I couldn't see or walk. I was talking crazy and they don't know why. I'm so frustrated that NO one ever knows whats wrong. The would not give me any pain medication over night and I was in terrible pain. The attending doctor from the er said I take to many medications so she told the nurses to not give me anything at all. Not even my antidepressant, thyroid, bladder or Crohn's meds. I finally told them this morning to get me a wheel chair and take me to my husbands car. I'm better off at home. I know it was a seizure but they seem to think I took to much medication. HA I'm very careful with my medications. I was appalled and they were not even running any tests to see if I had seizure activity. I'm following up with my GP on Monday morning. I don't know how they thought I could manage with out my pain meds any longer. I was crying all night long and could not get a single bit of sleep. The pain was unbearable. I'm going to have a bill for staying in the ICU for nothing. This is a crazy mess! I moved my appointment with my spine doctor up because I want to see what he will do about the disc issues. I see him on Tuesday. They also did an EMG so I want to see how bad the neuropathy is now. I had a test done 12yrs ago and I want to see the difference between the two. Well enough rambling. I'll keep you up dated on what the doctor says.

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Boy, sorry to hear what happened at ICU. They should have known with all that you had wrong that it was a serious issue or you probably wouldn't be there. These Doctors think they know what it is and what is going on and they really need to come off their pedestals!! I hate a DR that won't even listen and offer some relief to the issues you might have.

I would write to the director of relations at the hospital and let them know about your visit and the lack of care you received.
They should follow through with the complaint although it really doesn't help you now !

Being home is best and hopefully you have the meds you need. I wish you luck with your GP and spine Dr.
I am waiting for my next appointment pretty soon with the neurologist and will have a full going over. Not looking forward to it but am looking forward to a possible answer....or maybe just another disease or illness that I may have. I'll probably need another prescription I'm sure. I think the DRs. get a spiff for each prescrip they sign!! It seems it sometimes.
Keep me posted on what you find.I'll do the same if I hear something different! You can friend me if you'd like or email.
Good luck in your journey and I hope you find peace soon,

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I'm so sorry that I didn't see your response until now... almost 10 days later! When my lower back pain began, it was just in the morning when I woke up. I thought it was kidney pain as well because it usually went away within minutes of getting out of bed.

That pain started in 1997 or so; it was not consistent and I would go months without it so I never worried. In 2003, I suffered for a month before seeing a doctor. I didn't have one at the time so I checked my insurance and called one close to my house. Thank goodness I did! She did a ton of tests and gave me pain meds so I could go to work. With my elevated sedrate and feeling like my legs were made of lead, she told me she thought I had MCTD and recommended I find a rheumy.

My experience with the first rheumy was bad. I was in so much pain and his only concern was my hair color (no lie!). He told me I had fibromyalgia. Didn't matter that the whole lower half of my face as well as my back and arms were covered in hives and I would wake up with my face as well as my hands swollen. My mom has Lupus and RA and her rheumy agreed to see me. She lives in MI so I had to take a day off work and drive 3 hours to see the doc, but it was well worth it. He said no, I didn't have fibro as hives/rashes are not a symptom. He gave me a UCTD dx. Same as MCTD but without the markers in the blood.

Anywho, that doc retired so I had to find another and I've not had much luck. My current rheumy thinks I have chronic back problems even though my research of my symptoms point to Lupus and RA just like my mom. Did I mention I'm allergic to the sun???

Yes, the pain goes to my hips (left to right) and legs. I don't have tingling in my hips; though I do get sharp, stabbing pains in those joints as well as my knees. I get pins and needles in my feet and hands though.

Being in constant, severe pain 24/7 is very draining, isn't it? It has become my life.

Sorry for rambling.

I wish you luck with your pain!

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