both knees replaced at the same time

I am going to the doctor on Friday to talk about having both knees replaced at the same time. Any thoughts or first hand knowledge on this would be greatly appreciated. I had a partial replacement done on my left knee almost 4 years ago that now needs a full replacement and my right knee is in terrible shape. I am only 50 years old and I am tired of all of the pain. Thanks

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I think with new technology now, you should not be worried.
My both knees were totally replaced when I was 27 years old in 1990. I had them at Helens Hayes Hospital in Nyack city, NY. Around that time, I didn't know at all about knee replacement, so after the replacements, my left knee function was not perefectly. I can't bend much. But the great thing is no pain at all. Then, after few years, my left knee was fixed with a simple technique. Now, my both knees are still great.

If you have any question, please contact me via

Good luck.

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I agree with tanya. The new technology these days makes recovery much easier and I hear over and over again from people that they wish they would have done it sooner. Just remember that you really do need to do all the physical therapy in order to get the best out of the surgery. Good luck with what ever decision you make!


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The important things we should be aware of the limit in motion after we have an artificial knee.
I can't seat on the ground by myself. Talking to your doctor is to find out all of the detail.
Good luck.


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I had both replaced during the same surgery using two different surgeons. Since I had nothing to tell me what one knee would have been like, I went through the surgery. I am so glad I did- only one surgery- one therapy. I don't enjoy surgery and it was so much better this way. It may be a bit harder at first cause you really don't have a good leg to stand on, but with a walker for a few days, its fine. If I have to have them replaced, I want to do it the same way. The only problem is where I am living now, there isn't a Dr who will do that.

Just remember to buy you an elevated seat for the toilet- have some pillows to sit on to make it easier for you to get up- unless you have a chair that raises up. If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them. I was 56 at the time-

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I had both knees replaced within 4 months of one another this past year and that in itself was very tough! So all I can say is if you think you can handle the immense pain and rehabilitation that it will take go for it! If not try to space them out a few months at least, my doctor recommends 6 months at least in between but mine were so bad in the end he wished we had done them both at once, but I didn't! I'm here for you anytime you want to talk or you can call me on my phone. I will send you it if you write to my personal email address at Good luck!
Willie K

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I have had both knees replaced, but 2 years apart. I would not recommend having them done at the same time because of the intense physical exercise necessary to make that knee work optimally afterwards. I cannot imagine how you could do all that I did without a good leg to assist. With the first replacement, I had alot of problems recuperating because the surgeon did not believe in intense PT (big mistake!). My knee healed, but could barely bend. I had to have a "manipulation", which was incredibly painful, then start again with intense PT. With the second knee (different surgeon), I knew better, and started walking/exercising immediately. I even slept with my knee in the flexion/extension machine. It healed beautifully and quickly. My advice is to replace them separately, and to start moving/bending them immediately after surgery. Take whatever pain meds you need, but keep moving that knee. Forget the bedpan. You are so lucky that now replacements last almost forever. My first replacement was done when they only lasted 10-15 years, so will need another soon. Replacements are not perfect. You are still limited with knee strength. I cannot get up from the floor without assistance, have trouble with stairs, etc. But I can walk and work and live my life without pain. Good luck!

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