Zoloft and Ativan

So I went to the psychiatrist and was prescribed Zoloft for my Panic Disorder and Ativan for anxiety. I'm kinda scared of these medications afraid i'll have a bad reaction. I'm kinda hoping someone can tell me a little bit about these drugs and if they helped or not.

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When I was in the hospital I was also prescribed Zoloft and Ativan. I have generalized anxiety disorder, OCD, and social anxiety. If I may ask, what mg are the doses the doc prescribed? Are you doing any therapy to go along with these drugs?

I found Zoloft to be extremely helpful in terms of lessening the intensity of my OCD. I hope Zoloft works for you, and I think it might. The other thing to remember is that it takes 2-4 weeks to work, so make sure you don't expect instant changes. Zoloft didn't work for me as much as it could have because I had other issues that needed to be addressed, so I was switched to Remeron and am no longer taking Zoloft.

As for the Ativan, it worked very successfully for me to lessen my anxiety and my anxiety attacks. However, it is very important that you know you shouldn't take ativan for an extended period of time because it is habit forming. Also, when you and your doc decide to take you off it, it is helpful to do it in steps. Lowering the dose until you can get off it. Ativan can cause sleepiness so watch out for that. I think that Ativan is very helpful to get your anxiety under control, but it is a combination of meds and therapy that will help you the best. What I did was took the time that I had on Ativan with less anxiety to figure out what would help me when I was off it. I think of that drug as being the shovel when you're in a deep hole, but it is you who has to do the work.

Good luck! Hope you get relief soon!


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Hi i personally didn't connect with zoloft. in fact i was up for 5 days straight. I think it has to do with the bipolar. I've never tried ativan. good luck

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After six days on Zoloft, I was taken off of it because it actually made me more anxious. Now i'm on Lexapro which gives me a burning sensation in my chest =[ I am having therapy with the meds, but it seems the meds are making me worse.

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Amora, I feel your pain. I too have a terrible time with SSRIs. Presently, I'm retrialing zoloft coupled with ativan. Also take Remeron at night. Yes, the zoloft can be quite stimulating to say the least! I was up to 37.5mg and now back down to 25 to see if some of the anxious feelings will leave. I'm taking 1mg of ativan three times a day and my psych said it's fine but I feel like I'm getting immuned to it. I've also done the lexapro and also experienced burning in my chest, back and shoulders. Perhaps you need to start on a very small dose?

I started the zoloft on 6.25mg. When I was on Lexapro, I started on 2.5mg.

It's all so frustrating. I wonder if I'll ever find the perfect fit.

I feel the same way. I too see a therapist, a psychiatrist and I feel like the meds are making things worse but people say that I seem better.

I wish you luck and feel free to pm me if you want to talk.


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Hey everyone thanks for all your support and input. I was taken off the Lexapro and given paxil. If the paxil doesn't help they will stop the meds. I was diagnosed with Dependent Personality Disorder which is what caused the panic attacks and thus turned into Panic Disorder. I have therapy every friday to try and recover. It's a very slow process, but i'm seeing small improvements.

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I got hypomania on Zoloft because my former psychiatrist didn't want to take me off it, thinking I was exaggerating. Now they think I might be bipolar(II), but it was drug induced! I was dysthimic until the zoloft and had been for 10 years.. Everyone who gets these symptoms should be taken off the med ASAP!

I also remember having had that reaction to Paroxetine when I was 15, looking back. That time, I got off the med on my own, fortunately.

But then again, I'm extremely unlucky with side effects..

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Everyone responds differently to these meds, that's for sure. If Bipolar is involved, they can throw you into a manic or hypomanic state, which would be kind of scary I think.

There are a number of different meds to try and, when you find one that works, it can really help. I know my dad struggled with depression and anxiety most of his life, and he was very VERY sensitive to these--had to start out at a very low dose to avoid side effects that can occur when just starting to take them.

Although difficult, I sure recommend that you keep looking until you find one or a dose that is tolerable and helpful. Many people that have had pretty good luck with Cymbalta, which is one of the antidepressants that is one of the best for also treating anxiety. I used this and had few if any side effects. Side effects to watch out for are not sleeping and increased agitation as these are some of the least likely to resolve over time. Some stomach upset, moderately increased anxiety at first are likely to resolve in a one to two weeks. Over the many years I have had depression, I have tried many different meds: Prozac, Zoloft, Wellbutrin, Amitriptyline, Cymbalta, lexapro, Paxil and each has its pros and cons. A lot of people take Trazadone for sleep and it works great for them, for me, it keeps me up all night! Go figure...

My first time on this site--didn't know it existed and glad I found it.

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I have been dealing with clinical depression most of my life. I have discovered over the past twenty something years that some meds work great and others make matters worse and/or make your physical pain even worse.

I love Zoloft! That med has worked best to make me function like a normal human being. I have also had Zoloft in various amounts, from a massive dosage down to a small maintenance dosage and it always helped me.

I hope you have a good experience with it too. If you don't have a good experience talk to your Doctor and see if you can try something new.


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