When you end up in the ER for anxiety or panic attack

I would really like to hear from other who have ended up the ER from an anxiety or panic attack. I really need to get it out and talk about it. After they sent me home from my heart cath my anxiety became very bad. I was taking my Ativan, but it just didn't seem to help. By the end of the week I was having full blown panic attack, one right on top of the next. I ended up in the ER three times with four days.
I've been to this ER before for my heart and was always treated very nicely. But not when I went for the Panic Attacks. When trauma or severe physical illness presents in the ER they are great. But when you present with mental illness, it's like they are completely different people.
They pulled the curtain and pretty much just ignored me. Crisis workers were wonderful, but the doctors and nurses seemed to think it was a big joke.
Has anyone else every had this happen?
Because I have severe coronary disease I am told to NEVER ignore my chest pain. Unfortunately anxiety and panic attacks cause me severe chest pain. Now I'm afraid to ever go back. It's the closet hospital and the other local hospital has no cardiac care.
I've reached a point that I've told my husband the next time I get chest pain, I'm not going anywhere....
Has anyone else had this type of treatment in the ER. What ever happened to ethics?
Please respond, God Bless...Susan

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I have been there. I wasn't in the ER for an anxiety attack, but, because I get anxious and upchuck, and get ill, and have heart and chest pain. And when I went to the one close to me, that my insurance uses, they treated me like I wasn't there, ignored anything I said, and left me lying in a room for hours, made me take tests that had nothing to do with what was wrong with me, and wouldn't treat me for what I knew I needed treated for. They sent me home even though I told them what kind of treatment I needed. I ended up in another hospital the next morning, with such horrible chest pain, and was in there for 4 days. They said I had a heart attack but the other Dr. says no. I don't know, all I know is it was terrifying and painful. I complained to my insurance company, and they told me to go wherever I needed to go and they would pay for it. When I was in the first hospital they looked at the papers I brought with my diagnosis of depression, and then they wouldn't listen to anything I said. The other hospital was so kind, even though they weren't under my insurance plan. I thank God for good caring people, that I had in the second hospital. But, now I cannot go to the good hospital anymore, because the insurance company here in Pittsburgh, and the good hospital UPMC cannot agree on a new contract, and are having a real huge disagreement. So I am afraid to go to the other hospital. But, I will be moving soon I hope, and maybe to to another hospital in another area. It is a shame I have come up against Dr.'s and other healthcare personnel that are so mean, and discriminatory toward the mentally ill, and that is outrageous, because they take an oath to do no harm, but some of them do harm us, and very easily, we suffer enough, every hour, every day, we don't need to treated badly by the very people that are supposed to help us heal.

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It's so very sad....when I was then put in the hall way because they needed the cubicle for another patient, I was a few feet from drunk who had fallen off the curb and was covered in blood...they treated him like a KING....go figure....maybe they figured if they didn't give him good attention, since he was still drunk, he would get loud and throw a fit...but because I was there and quiet, I needed no attention....years ago I had an article published...a hospital sent me home saying I just had a spasm in my arm during a stress test...the RN kept telling the PA to stop the test that it was more than my arm...but he said the test looked fine and he just kept going....two weeks later I went to a wonderful cardiologist who said, "since your parents died from the same disease, let me just put you in for a cath"....the cath showed a 70% blockage in my LAD...that was the first of my six stents....we as patients need to be listened to...NO MATTER WHAT!!!!

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I have had my share of differences in the ER when it comes to mental health and my children. It was like talking to someone who doesn't give any concrete answers and unless your looking at the person saying "I am going to kill myself" - they're answer is to get an appointment for follow up with your psychiatrist. There's no inbetween and as a parent I have not a clue how we are going to make it until that appointment. It saddens me that there doesn't appears to be any real thoughts and that the ER staff can't see they're leaving out even our vulnerablist (a word?) like our children. I can think of resources but no they' haven't said "I am going to kill myself.: It leaves parents frantic, scared, tired and angry. It seems that change needs to happen within the hospital on this issue. Mina

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You would think that with all of the advances in medicine today, and all the talk of mental illness that they would finally treat us better in the ER. It seems as if we are treated like non-people because we get depressed, or anxious? When other people get these things like anger, anxiety, they are considered just that, and I would say from experience nine times out of ten at least half of those people are mentally ill, but, have never been treated for it, refuse to admit that is the kind of treatment they need, but, they are accepted by society as normal? Oh that person has a temper problem? Really? Or that person is very anxious? Really?, but when we come up feeling that way, because of our diagnoses we are weird or crazy? We are not allowed to have normal emotions. If we get angry, anxious, sad, really happy, oh there they go again, they are flipping out. How unfair, how sad that they cannot realize that we are just like them, the supposedly normal people ( what a joke), there are no normal people, everyone has some, thing, that is not normal, but just because we take good care of ourselves, and to to the right Dr.'s and take the right medicines to keep ourselves well, we are treated abominably, and discriminated against. As far as I am concerned, most of the other mentally ill people that I have had the pleasure of having a conversation with are like me, really smart, really caring, because we usually have been through hell and back, and while it makes our lives miserable, and hard, it makes us more compassionate, and caring people, because we know, really know what hell is, and we have come back from it, time and time again, and if these so called normal people would take the time to really get to know us, as patients, they might finally realize they can learn an awful lot from us.

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Oh Lynn...you hit the nail right on the head...but I must say...the Crisis people in the hospital that came to see me were awesome...one even told me her personal story (most professional won't do that)...she said to me, "see that bed you are lying in, I was right there years ago when I went through a bad divorce"...maybe that's why they become Crisis people...because they have been there!!!! God Bless...Susan

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susan , i read ur post and i can relate so much. i agree going to the ER with a anxiety attack or pantic attack the nurses and doctors look at u like ur wasting their time. its sad the way things are. back a few years ago i went thru some major things that triggered serve anxiety attacks. i went to the er for help and got treated like i wasnt important enough. they put me in a room , left me alone for hours , come in when the feelings go away , tell me they cant give me anything to help , give me numbers to the shrinks and send me home. and then have the balls to send me a huge hospital bill. totally pissed me off when i went thru this one experience i had suppress memories come back all at once from a traumac event , i went to the hospital for help i told them i wanted to kill myself. i had a wonderful staff come in , admitt me to icu, drugged me up watch me for 2 days, sent me home when i said i didnt want to kill myself and was released with a diagnosed borderline personalilty disorder type c. no medication, no explaination, numbers to the local shrinks office and sent me a bill for over 5,000. that was the last time i went to the er for help. they dont help , they dont understand and they charge an arm and leg for nothing. if u have a mental illness the medical field just treats u like ur a waste of time.

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