All generic prozac (fluoxetine) the same?

Are all generic prozac (fluoxetine) the same? I ask because I recently switched manufacturers from Par Pharm (sold by CVS) to Ranbaxy ph (sold by Target). The Ranbaxy capsule is green and orange (40mg) and smaller than the Par Pharm capsule, which is white and blue (40 mg). Ranbaxy is easier to swallow. (and I experience less medication reflux with it.) I seem to be feeling a bit happier lately since switching to the Ranbaxy capsule. Is it me or could there be a difference in generic prozacs? I noticed on the web that there has been some discussion about this for some time. Have there been any clinical studies evaluating prozac vs. versions of fluoxetine (generic prozac)?

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It might be very similar, but from what I have read and heard from others it's not the exact same thing. Some people are very sensitive to medications so they respond differently and the brand name might the kind that works better.

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I haven't tried brand name prozac, but I'm definitely curious. For now, though, I think I'll give the new generic a month then see how I feel. Its hard to resist paying only $10 for a 90 day supply at Target, although I really should inquire about the cost of brand name prozac. It may not be that much more. Its no surprise that I'm very sensitive to medication. I am also on abilify 5 mg. and buproprion 300 mg.

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The active ingredient is the same, but there is a difference with the inactive ingredients. I have problem with one of the generic versions of Zoloft. With me, the makers of the blue 100mg Zoloft has an inactive ingredents causes a significant increase in my acid reflux issue.

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