Herbs that Retard Facial Hair Growth


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For women, too much hair growth on a woman's body can be a disturbing occurrence. Hormone changes, steroids, certain medications and a few more serious disorders can cause increased hair growth. When dark, coarse hair grows excessively on a woman's face, back and chest---where a man's hair usually grows--the condition is called hirsutism. According to The University of Maryland Medical Center, 8 percent of adult women have hirsutism. Certain herbs may help retard unwanted hair growth caused by the body producing too many male hormones, or androgens. Consult a doctor before trying any herbal remedy.

Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/191844-herbs-that-retard-hair-growth/#ixz z1vMCLEN8b

it has been found that the internal use of saw palmetto extract – such as it may be found within dietary supplements – has the potential of causing serious health problems should you experience a wound. Saw palmetto extracts inhibits the blood’s clotting ability by binding with the iron in the platelets and thus a normally not life threatening wound may suddenly put you are serious risk simply because the clotting needed to stop the loss of blood is not able to happen. If you find that you need to undergo surgery, this is especially serious and you will be wise to include a notation in your wallet with your identifying papers that puts emergency personnel on notice of what you are taking! http://www.hairlosstreatmentinc.com/treathairloss/18-hairtreatments%28R%29. html

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