Wife of 38 yr old CABGx4

Hello all...my husband is now home recovering from CABGx4 on 1-6-10...came home on the 10th. He is having a hard time getting comfortable, and we have taken up residence in the living room so he can sleep in the recliner which works best, but still has a problem with his butt hurting b/c he is sitting so much. He does get up and move around as directed, but still gets very 'winded'.....any suggestions?
Also, are there any really good websites for recipes that are for the low-salt, heart healthy diets other than American Heart Assn?

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I went through the same thing because I was not taking enough pain medicine. I had some idea that I would get hooked on the medicine. I talked to several Drs and they said that the reason they gave it to me is so I could rest. Rest is very important in the healing process so make sure he is comfortable so he can rest. That said, he is just going to hurt for a while.
Good luck, hang in there is gets better.

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I would agree with WDP. In my case finding the right dosage of pain meds was important to me sleeping and getting the rest I needed.

I remember someone else out here saying they found their recliner easier to sleep in rather than their bed, early on.

I don't remember hearing/reading anyone say the 1st 1-3 weeks home being a piece of cake though.

Your husband will get better. It seems to come slowly, but it does come.

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My boyfriend had a 6 way bypass on 12/28. He is 46. He is still experiencing alot of pain. We are trying to stay off the narcotics during the day and use only Ibprophin. he really wants the Norco, but he was having a very physical reaction when it was wearing off- sweating, clamy, stress etc. I'm struggling with how to provide enough support without being smothering.

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Hello, My husband had triple bypass surgery in 2/09 after having suffered sudden cardiac arrest. He was 40 at the time.... I remember the doctors telling him how important it was to walk, even if it was just around the living room, and then to slowly build up from there. Be patient it takes time... Also, my husband enrolled in a cardiac rehab program 3x's a week for 12 weeks. That made all the difference in the world as to his recovery. Now, almost 1 year later, he is exercising everyday and doing well.
As far as the low sodium diet, we have gotten some very good recipes from lowsodiumliving.com.
I also use google to find recipes that are low sodium as well.
Also, you can use all of your favorite recipes too, just eliminate the salt from the recipe.
Now the whole family is on the low sodium bandwagon! At family gatherings we make everything with as low sodium as possible and it's great for everyone's health!

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I too am a 38 year old CABGx4. I had my surgery on Oct 21, 2009 and I remember those painful, restless nights in the beginning as well. I slept in a recliner for almost a month. I can't express how important it is to take those pain meds especially in the beginning. It will help with the sleeping. Trust me. I didn't want to become reliant on them either and I slowly weened myself off when I was ready. Please whatever you do encourage him to walk around as much as possible. It's VERY imortant. Also most definitely get him in rehab when it is time. It was amazing what a difference it made. I mow am back at work and workout on my treadmill 4 to 5 times a week for an hour at pop. I love it!!! I was scared at first as I am sure he is but it will get better. Trust me. I am speaking from experience!! Best wishes and good health.

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After only 12 days from being released and still uncomfortable is completely understandable and expected. As my cardiologist put it, you were split wide open like a chicken. CABG is quite taxing on the body. Rest and time will aid healing. I am post CABGx4 by 5 months and still am not 100 %. I was most comfortable the first month or so in a recliner too. Take the pain meds as directed. No sense in hurting. Walking is so important too. He has to get up and get motiviated and not veg out in the chair. Look for small signs of improvement....... build from that and you will be amazed. It does take time.

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I had CABG x 4 on August 3, 2009 - about 5 1/2 months ago. I still sleep in the recliner because of continuing issues with pain from the sternal notch up into the anterior (front of the) neck. I'm not sore in "the butt" from it, but I would suggest he bend his knees occasionally.

Your husband JUST had his surgery; no matter what others' experiences have been, none of us was comfortable this soon after the surgery, so rest assured that everything he's feeling is within normal limits. *I* tried to reduce the pain meds as much as I could because I didn't want to be groggy and, therefore, unable to walk. Walking is essential! I began by walking from one end of the apartment to the other and back, which isn't too far. At first, it was extremely tiring, but soon I was doing multiple laps. Soon after, I took it outside and gradually increased my distance. I ended up with a one-mile routine, all before beginning rehab! But be assured, it wasn't easy. I had a lot of leg pain from where they removed the vein, and my low back issues were agonizingly painful; I had to stop numerous times along the way to rest my back. But this all helped immeasurably when I began rehab, which for me was at 9 weeks.

Now, I work out every day. I joined the gym at the hospital - where I did my rehab - and I'm doing it all: weights, cardio, core training.

The beginning is rocky and it can be very depressing, but it WILL get much better. The key is to eat right - low or no fat, plenty of good fresh vegetables (I love them oven-roasted) - and to exercise even if it's uncomfortable. He's got to push himself at all stages of recovery, in order to get the best results. I know people who took pain and other setbacks as a sign to stop until they felt better, but he has to accept that feeling bad is normal as recovery proceeds. I believe that we have to get our bodies in BETTER shape than before the surgery. In a way, I look at this bypass as the best thing that could have happened to me.


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What everyone is saying is so true. Walking is best but at a pace he can handle. Most start out at 10 minutes and add a minute every other day, Just remember how far you walk you still have to return back to your home. The first 3-4 weeks are the toughest not only because of what your body has gone thru but also your mind. From all of our experience things will get better but you have to work with it. I'm 7 months post 3x and have never felt better. Best of luck and keep looking toward the future, it'll improve..

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<< "I'm 7 months post 3x and have never felt better." >>

Yeah, I wanted to add that I feel about 15 years younger since my surgery and subsequent weight-loss and exercise regimen. What really makes me sad is seeing people who have had this surgery cop out and not follow-up with a commitment to a continuing rehab program. Feeling weak is normal - it doesn't preclude us from rehab. The rehab is what leads us out of the darkness!


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I greatly appreciate all of the responses! Today he said he actually felt better, his leg (from the vein harvest) wasnt hurting nearly as bad.....he does get up and walk around the house all the time, and when we went out today to see the doctor that originally sent him for the stress test that started the discovery of this, and he didnt get as winded, which was really wonderful! We are actually excited for all of the changes that this will positively have on us and our family, I just need to find time for myself to get to the gym! He will be starting his cardiac rehab in a few weeks!

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has he started heart rehab yet? as i started recovering i remember being very winded but just increased walking distance a little bit, and i mean little bit, each day. then when i started rehab i really started seeing improvement in my stamina. it is still hard for me to lie down except when i just have to to get to sleep. sometimes still have to go and prop myself up sometimes. it has been about 102 days,8 hours, and fifteen minutes since triple. God bless you both. you can do this. hang in. marvelous22

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