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I had my cabx4, 6 months ago. Yesterday at work I started having a really bad time with tightness in my chest, so much that I went home. I also noticed when turning to look behind me backing out of my parking spot it really hurt. Should this be happening 6 months post op?

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Tness, I feel for you on your dilema. The only answer I can give is maybe. Everyone is so unique with their experiences after surgery. I can tell you that I am 8+ years from my surgery and I still have unexplined pain. I went to the ER numerous times with what I thought was chest pains and tightness and never was my ailing heart the reason. What I did learn in time was that anxiety did play a major role in those visits. Still does today. If you had not had this pain since your surgery then I would reccommend a trip to the ER if it continues. Having decent insurance, I never hesitated to go after my surgery. The nice thing is (sort of) that if you go to the ER and complain of chest pains with a prior history they take you back immediately. The bad thing is that those same circumstances will keep you there for a minimum of 2-3 days. Good like my friend.

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I have tightness every now and then; mostly when I'm stressed out. I try to walk to get my blood flowing and usually feel better.

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Did you ever find out what was causing the chest tightness? I am three months post op and have been having this as well. I had a heart attack one week after having my second baby (the attack was caused by pregnancy hormones). Therefore, I never had any chest discomfort before the event and I am really not sure what this is. I know they used my mammary artery and that area is still very numb and it is sore to the touch. At one month post op appointment with the surgeon, I was told this is normal, but I am a little concerned now as it has been more noticeable the last four days. Am seeing my cardio Thursday.

Hope you are doing well!


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My triple bypass was in Dec and I am still having some strange pains at times, but what you are experiencing I have not had, but I do suggest you contact your doctor soon to find out. Stay positive, keep fighting and never, never give up. Am sure it will all turn out well. Take care,


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When I experience chest tightness, it's usually because I have not been taking my meds properly. I immediately get back on my water pill regimen and within 2 days I'm feeling much better, so I assume its the fluid building up in my chest and self treat it as congestive heart failure. I know I should be better about taking my meds so please don't chastise. Just so very tired of taking pills. Been battling diabetes, HBP, SVT, and depression for years and i just want a break every now and then. Hope this info helps with recognizing the chest tightness and what it could be.

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By the way, my CABGx5 was 6 months ago.

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I have had chest tightness and pressure, and some pain ever since my surgery. I've been to the er many times, and nothing. I finally have had 6 good days in a row. I had my cabg x4 November, 4 2010. I totally feel for you. For me, I just gave up and I deal with it. If you think you should get it checked, then you should. Keep an eye out for any other issues you may have. Could have pulled a muscle, slept funny, pinched nerve, could be minor or major. I hope everything turns out well for you.


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