I had CABG over a year ago and I think there might be a stitch showing in my scar. I thought the only stitches they used would dissolve on their own. Does any one else have this problem?

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Hello spared, I had my surgery just over four months ago. And I have noticed I can see what looks to be the wire used to hold the sternum together, as far as the stitches, they used from what I understand is like a type of super glue to hold the incision of the skin together.

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I had my op 14 years ago its not the stitching its the wire thats used to hold your sternum together after op, mine is on the top of my chest near my neck.
Nothing to worry about.
I think back here in the UK they use plastic clips now in some places until the bone knits back.
No wire causing small lumps on the chest.

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My husband had reinforcing stitches in his skin (if that's what you are talking about) and they were not the dissolving kind..... his surgery was on the 27th of July. We also found two staples that the hospital accidentally left.

My hubby has the lace up the sternum as well as "talons" which are metal "bird feet" like devises used to hold the sternum together.

I would get it checked out to be sure.

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