Numbness in left hand during exercise

I had my GABG about 5 months ago. I noticed lately when I exercise on the treadmill; I feel numbness in my left hand. It goes away after I finish the exercise. I spoke to my Cardiologist today, and he recommended a nuclear stress test to check on the arteries and veins. I go for the test next week. Did anybody have this experience?

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Hi June,

Since you posted this I've been paying close attention to my body while at the gym, to see if I had any numbness issues going on, even if only subtle. I didn't come up with any ... You should probably talk to your doctor about this though -- I don't think any of our parts are supposed to go numb, ever.

What I do experience though is a serious (non-emergency) out-of-breath, or gasping for breath every time I run a short distance. As part of my routine I do a brisk 2 mile walk. I've up'ed the tempo by bringing myself to a slow run. But only after say 50 yards or so I'll have to come back down to a walk, because I'll be gasping for breath. Then it takes about 100 yards until my breathing returns to normal. My heart rate shoots up to near cardio-target at the same time. Any ideas ... experiences??

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Hi Celeritas,

After my post I talked to my doctor and recommended a nuclear stress test. 2 weeks after the test he told me the test was normal and the numbness could be from one of the nerves. It does not bother ing me as much as it used to be. But if it continues I will talk to my PCP about it. As far as gasping for breath, I don't experience that, but my days are not all the same, one day I feel energetic, and one day weak and don't feel like exercising or doing anything but sleep. I don't know if this is normal, I am 6 mon post op.

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If they took the graft out of your arm you may experience some numbness because of the nerves being moved and possibily cut which are now trying to regenerate. Or like me I found out after the triple I have carpal tunnel in my left hand and it does get numb while holding onto the treadmill. Good luck

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I sometimes get numbness or needles in my arms. Mostly my right but the occasional left arm also. When I drop my arm straight down by my side and let it hang loosly the symptoms goe away again. I had a valve replaced so my veins are ok.
I believe that it has something to do with when they spread my rib cage to get at the heart which affected my nerves being pinched or moved in or near my spine. Try it maybe it will help.

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Thanks to all replies. In fact they took the graft from my leg and the chest not from my hand. I will talk to my Dr. about the possibility of have carpal tunnel in my left hand and I will try blkrino's way.

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I am 48, I had my surgery in July of 05. I wake up in the middle of the night with numbness. My doctor didn't seem to concerned about this. I walk for 1 1/2 to 2 miles on the treadmill. When I get off I feel dizzy for a few minutes but it passes. The main thing I struggle with is dizziness and light headedness. It comes and goes and some days are worse than others. It bothers me to drive when I am feeling like this. I find that the more active I am and the more I watch my diet, the better I feel.

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