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I know there are more than a few Canadians on board here, and even though most of them live south of me, believe it our not. But I thought they might have some experience with cold weather exercise.

They warn you before you leave the hospital about cold air, but when you live where I live, that means exercising exclusively indoors (boring beyond belief.) The temps rarely get above freezing (32 F, 0 C) from November through March. I've always loved the cold and walked and snowshoed all winter for years in the woods with my dog pack.

My limit (for the dogs) is -15 F (about -26 C). I've never had a problem with cross-country skiing or snowshoeing, both of which are very strenuous, in even colder temps, but I've never been recovering from bypass surgery before! I've never covered my nose or mouth even when i froze my earlobes solid. I really can't stand having my face covered and the condensation and ice buildup during exercise in those temps is almost intolerable.

Anyway, I'm 6 weeks out from surgery and already been in the woods walking in the snow. It's not deep enough for snowshoeing. The thing is, it has been incredibly mild - upper 20's even, so that feels balmy this time of year. I'm sure the extreme cold is not going to stay away for long, though.

If anyone has any thoughts or advice about this, I would love to hear them.

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I'm from Canada too so I'm in the same boat. I'm in week 5. Not sure where you're from exactly, but we have almost 3 feet of snow here. Its been unseasonably warm here as well and we've only had a few nights colder than -15F. As far as cold weather walking goes I don't think there are too many options other than a scarf or a parka with one of those chin flaps. If there is another way I'd sure like to know 'cause I hate having my mouth covered. Steams up my glassess and I find it hard to breath when it gets really iced up. I have no problem going bare-faced above -5F, but any colder than that I can definitaly notice a negative impact on my heart rate. So, scarf it is until spring.

Sounds like your recovery is going nicely. Off-road walking at week 6 is amazing. I have some heart damage so its going to be a while before before I can get back home to my cabin. Can't wait to get out of town and back home agiain.

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Actually, I should have been clearer - I live in far Northern Minnesota. I just like to point out that we are further north than Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal - about the same latitude as Quebec City! So I am a Yank but I truly love Canada - besides being a beautiful and REALLY BIG country, the people are great. I've been from Nova Scotia and Cape Breton to Vancouver.

Anyway, we get those arctic blasts that come sweeping down over Winnipeg, so it get damn cold here. I've been out since the surgery in pretty cold air, but only from the house to the car. Exercising is a different thing. I'll probably go with a scarf when it gets really cold. Thanks for the feedback.

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Damn -15 degrees I flat could not do that, I would have to move south. After my surgery I have found anything below 60 is uncomfortable, in the 50's for a sustained amount of time I look for a hot shower just to get my core temp up. I wanted to get back up north for ski season or just the lodge, think i will have to pass this year.

I know what you mean about walking indoors on a treadmill it is beyond boring...

More power to you Viking.

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