Want to put my girlfriend on my insurance

Hi everyone,

I want to place my girlfriend on my insurance. We have been living together for 3 years and my insurance is much better than the one she has. We live in NYC and I need some sound advice.

Thanks in advance, Tim

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Hey Tim,

I assume "your" insurance plan is through your employer and is probably a group plan... regardless, your girlfriend is not elegible to be on your plan unless you are married. Now, for the important information. The most financially sound advice I can give you is this... You should both own your own individual health insurance plans. They are about half the cost of group "health insurance" and an individual policy is the only way to guarantee that you have insurance protection when you need it most. What happens whey you are sick enough that you really need the insurance protection but you are too sick to continue working??? Will your employer just keep insuring you because you're a really great guy?

Go get a copy of "The New Health Insurance Solution" by Paul Zane Pilzer... It will answer all your questions! http://www.paulzanepilzer.com/tnhis.htm

Best Wishes!
B. Doble - Genesis Health

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