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So, it's been a long, long time since I've been online with the community. Surprised I even remembered my login details.

Anyway, I'm having quite of an issue. Last Saturday I went to an event, stepped off the curve wrong and kind of twisted my ankle. Comes with the territory of wearing 6-inch high heels. But I have to admit, they were hot! But I've been suffering every since. The following day, my daughter and I took the bus (didn't drive) to my mom's house and then to the mall in Culver City. It wasn't until we returned home later that evening that my left foot has swollen up almost like a balloon, then the pain set in from when I hurt my ankle the night before. Then the next day after that, on that Monday, both my feet had swelled. The swelling in my right foot and ankle finally went down.

Everything I eat in the last four days, my left foot and ankle swells after it starts to go down, and I'm scared to eat anything now. I ate a bowl of cereal this morning -- BOOM, my foot swole. My right foot and ankle swole up just a little, but has gone down.

I've been drinking lemon water, plenty of water, keeping my feet elevated after being on my feet all day at work and somtimes it hurts to be walk on it. I'm fresh out of water pills because those have been beneficial.

I know I've been running around and have been on my feet constant nonstop since I started my new job. I'm also finding that I have to stay away from fast foods, too. Tends to do me a number after I've not eaten it in months. And I have lowered my salt intake tremendously.

Any other suggestions? I hear cherry juice is a good resource for reducing the inflammation that may be causing the swelling. I'm interested in hearing what else I can do.


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Well, obviously, if your twist your ankle it's likely to swell. The solution for that (assuming nothing's seriously damaged) is good ole "RICE" - Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.

But whenever there's inflammation somewhere in the body the adrenal glands release cortisol (which fights inflammation and reduces pain), and the cortisol tends to cause edema -- the buildup of fluid. And as we get older this buildup of fluid in more and more likely to be concentrated in the feet and lower legs. So you have a rather strange situation where a swollen ankle can cause the other foot to swell.

And note that the body's production of cortisol tends to peak in the morning, about the time you normally awake. (It's how the body gets you out of bed in spite of all your aches and pains.) So the swelling in your feet and legs is apt to be worse in the morning, in spite of just having gotten out of bed, where your feet were elevated. (I suspect that what you eat is unrelated to the swelling -- it's mainly this time-of-day thing.)

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I am sure you are taking care f your feet other medication. I will advise you immediatly stop using high heels start flat shoe that should help you.

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