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for the last few days i smell like i am driving behind a car with a bad muffler...any ideals as to why? No I am not dirving...just in my home

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i have had this happen before i keep smellling something like a bad muffler or a gasoline type of smell...i am jsut in my home and i can smell it everywhere-not just in my hime when i go outside is in me not around me

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I'm searching the internet now because I just came home to the same smell that you describe. It is sort of sulfur-like, but not really. It's sort of oil-like, but not really. Being behind a car with a bad muffler is pretty much hitting the nail on the head.

I'm concerned because I have no idea what it is. It's only in the house, not outside, and it wasn't in my enclosed porch when I came home. It is throughout the house and in the basement, but not coming from any place in particular.

I'm baffled. I've never smelled this before.

Someone must have an idea about what this could be,

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Here are a few things you should check. One, do you have propane? If so, have your lines checked. Two, have the vent pipe to your sewer line checked it could be clogged.
I hope this helps and that it is one of these things and not more serious.

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Ask someone if they also smell this odor around you (assuming you are not suffering from flatulence!). If they do not, the problem is with your nose and your sense of smell.

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i began detoxing after finding out that i had the beginning stages of lung disease...basically, quit smoking (cold turkey) and began drinking a lot of water while cleaning up my diet (the actual detox kit followed later)... but, in the meantime, i began to smell:
* cigarette smoke when i would go to the bathroom
* perm solutions that i'd used years and years ago
* plastic
* vehicle exhaust

and the list goes on and on....

is it possible that your body is trying to rid itself of toxins that have built up in your system over the years? if you consider just how many toxins we are exposed to these days; that might not be very far from the truth?? i would still ensure that there is nothing else going on with your health; but, perhaps you should also look into contacting a nutritionist, or looking into what is called "natural hygiene" as a way of detoxing (as it would quicken the process - if that is what is going on)... and I wish you all the best in your search.

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Infected nasal sinuses and damage to the olfactory bulbs can cause dysosmia, the distorted sense of smell. Head trauma can cause this disorder. Poor oral hygiene can lead to dysosmia. In these cases, a person may also find that disagreeable odors are accompanied by the sensing of unpleasant tastes. In addition, brain-stem disease can cause smelling disorders. An epileptic seizure can include olfactory hallucinations.

Per merk: Seizures originating in the part of the brain where memories of smell are stored—the middle part of the temporal lobe—may produce a brief, false sensation of vivid, unpleasant smells (olfactory hallucinations). These smells are part of the intense feeling that seizure is about to begin (called an aura), not a smell disorder.

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Oh my dear people. Did you ever stop to consider the smell is being manufactured by your brain? as a result of negative energy? I experienced the internal gas smell recently, and also suffered from it around htis time last year. I was not in the same place either time. However, there were extreme lifestyle changes coming into play. For now, the smell has subsided, but only due to walking int he ocean and working on releasing the negative energy. I know this sounds really whack! .. but just open you mind to the possibility! It would have been much easier if it was a fume from my house or car .. but I'll make it through the smells this time too!

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The smells I experience are sometimes pleasant, like orange blossoms. I think it might be a scent they're putting in industrial bug spray.

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