Small Red Sore Bumps on Fingers

Hi. I have had small red sore bumps only on my fingers. They will appear and get really sore and then go away and then show up on another finger. I dont have health ins to get care and I asked a doctor and they said it could be three things. Syphillis, hand foot and mouth disease, or some kinda infection in my blood. I have had it since april and when I take Lysine(amino acids) they go away it's really weird. Does anyone have any idea? This is really driving me nuts!

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I get tiny red itchy ones and I use Ultravent and I have found that it will work for just about any skin problem. There are only about three meds out there for all conditiions like thisl. I do know this works like a charm in about two days.. on everything. hopre this helps :)

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I am kinda taken back by him referring to those bumps as Syphillis. The bumps that are assoicated with syphillis are soft and they are in the palms. Most drs do not know what they are. I have heard it said there are only about three types and many brands of the same meds to treat all. My nephew has a rash and they cannot figure it out; I would go to a health dept or go do a search on dermatology and they will probably have pictures and you can find out there.

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I am suprised also that they would refer to those bumps as syphillis. It actually sounds more like a scabies infection or some kind of mite. Maybe do a search for some pictures to see if it is similar. If you can't find any go to and look at those pictures.

Kind of a strange diagnosis from a doctor...

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I had a rash on my palms and the bottoms of my feet. It is a form of Lymes disease that is common in Europe. It responds to antibiotics and needs long term treatment. MDs are not magicians and have no magic. Actually the lymes bacterium and that of syphillis are very similar. So this could be an honest mistake. Most tests for either of these bacterium will be negative by the time you get this rash. However, if you can get antibiotic treatment, it will work. Believe me, nothing else will work. I know from experience.

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i have the exact same thing as you i am trying to reserch myself becuse docters dont know what it is. any luck yet with yours

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